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One of the most beautiful parts of Atlanta is Kennesaw mountain and the surrounding national battlefield park. It is host to many festivals and tourism stops each year. Amazon Cleaning is proud to provide service to this famous Atlanta community. Kennesaw is constantly evolving, growing and is a medium from the past to the present. Amazon Cleaning also takes pride in learning and accessing lessons learned. One of our most recent additions has been the availability of green cleaning. We use a glass cleaner that does not contain ammonia and is eco-friendly. Our common green cleaning chemicals are healthier for both pets and people alike. For older homes, green cleaning is not the best match for effective cleaning. However, for newer homes and surfaces green cleaning tends to be an excellent fit.

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If natural is your preference, Amazon Cleaning has what you are looking for. Our vacuums are specialized to prevent cross-contamination from house to house. If you have allergies, our cleaning process is designed to make you feel more comfortable. In order to remove dust, using microfiber cloths instead of a dust wand is the preferred method which is what we do. Our implement. Eco-friendly chemicals work best in a household with newer surface areas. All of our high-end equipment and supplies are included free of charge with all of our service selections. If you have allergies or just prefer healthier options, give us a call today for your free in-home consultation!

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