Floor Cleaning Services

Amazon Cleaning has performed a lot of research to ascertain the very best approach for floor cleaning services.  We went all the way back to the source, conducted extensive interviews with numerous hardwood floor installation companies to make certain we got it right.  The end result is our system is extremely safe, promotes long term preservation and durability. Our pet-friendly floor cleaning supplies are ph neutral and very fresh smelling.  What is interesting is different kinds of hardwood floors and their coloring reacts differently with different types of hardwood floor cleaning chemicals.  Some shine better than others, so we work in tandem with the clients to ensure we get the right fit after a few visits.  Our floor cleaning specialty is included with all house cleaning service visits which are available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.   By having the same crew clean for the same valued customer, we are able to master the learning curve and offer a more consistent level of service throughout the greater Atlanta area including Marietta, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Roswell and Mableton to name a few of the areas we travel to.

Our extensive floor cleaning service covers all kinds of flooring, carpeting, marble, and tiles.

  • hardwood floor cleaning
  • highest quality cleaning chemicals used
  • no wax buildup fosters long term preservation of floors
  • HEPA vacuums for all floor types
  • pet-friendly cleaning agents
  • microfiber cloth prevents scratching
  • pick up more dirt cleaning process
  • customized cleaning agents per floor type utilized
  • no mop system protects floors from excess water
  • no cross contamination from house to house
  • all floor type cleaning offered
  • disinfectant, polish, shine
  • fresh smelling, industry proven, safe, friendly
  • custom vacuum covers provide no streak marks

Many companies use the wrong kind of cleaning chemicals to treat hardwood floors with, some leave a wax or chemical build-up.  Why risk premature hardwood floor aging?  Amazon Cleaning has years of successful experience and has really mastered the art of long term preservation and quality.  All of the floor cleaning chemicals we carry are among the most expensive on the market, we do not cut costs, we deliver quality.  Our business model is simple, we want long term service relationships and we take the time to do it right because of that philosophy.  If you also value a service that does not cut corners, give us a call today.

Specialized floor cleaning services for homes in Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna, and Alpharetta.