Our House Cleaning Processes

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We offer various types of rotations: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Periotic (On-Call).

Monthly (every 28 days) are available Monday – Wednesday.

Weekly and Bi-weekly visitations are available Monday – Friday depending upon schedule openings.

The rationale behind this is that conducting monthly visits requires more time for completion. Our primary goal is to safeguard our customers’ time slots by avoiding overbooking on our busiest days, which are Thursday and Friday. Additionally, we retain the prerogative to apply a service frequency fee that aligns with the duration between visits in order to help bring your schedule back on track. This is because the longer the gap between visits, the more time-consuming it becomes to clean the property.

Figuring out how to pay? We do offer a few options for you. one thing to point out is that we do require payment the same day of service.

  1. We do accept Check or Cash as a primary option.
  2. We do also accept all kinds of debit/credit cards, but there is a 4% processing fee if you would like to pay with that option. We would hate to have you pay the processing fee, but if you do prefer that option, please give us at 404-246-6550 in order for us to process the payment.
  3. If you forget to leave payment, we request that you mail payment to us.

We operate with courtesy to our clients and our crews, such as:

  • No Cancellation Fees nor rescheduling fees if the cancelation policy is followed *
  • Guaranteed Scheduling
  • Managerial Support

To forestall abrupt cancellations we request a 48 Hour Notice of Cancellation

  • To promote crew welfare
  • And Maintain Smooth Business Operations

Experience shows that our clients with guaranteed access (lockboxes/garage codes) find a drastically reduced need to cancel.

*A $75 fee applies to cancellations when 48 hour notice is not given.

In order to ensure our crews can deliver the highest level of service, we need to allocate them sufficient time for their tasks.

As a result, specific arrival times are not provided for appointments scheduled after the 8 AM house (these are exclusively offered to weekly and bi-weekly homes). Given factors beyond our control, such as traffic, changes in our schedule, and additions to the cleaning scope, we offer a more flexible arrival window, which spans between 10 AM and 3:30 PM. While we acknowledge that this window is broader, it allows us to access your home without you waiting. We can arrange access through methods like a hide-a-key, garage code entry, and as a special benefit for our long-term customers, we provide a complimentary rental lockbox.

We will provide a ballpark estimate via email or phone. We need to ask a few questions in order to ascertain an initial ballpark estimate.

The onsite (in-home) estimate:

  • We quickly tour the home and provide a final quote.
  • We record any specific requests and notes so that we can customize the service.
  • We cover all of the aspects that we will cover for the deep and ongoing visitation.
  • We cover customer guidelines to set us up for long term success.
  • The onsite estimate will almost always take 10 minutes or less.

The first deep cleaning visit:

  • The crew will be briefed on specific customer requests and deep clean the entire home.
  • The customer does not need to be present but we will contact the customer 1 hour before completion for a final walk through.
  • We actively request any suggestions or feedback during the final walk-through process, each house has a learning curve and we want to master it.
  • During checkout, in the home office back at Amazon, the crew will document with the home office any specific instructions they learned during the final walkthrough.
  • One of the owners will follow up after the first visit to touch base and learn any additional ways we can customize the service.

Ongoing Service:

  • Only the same crew who performed the first deep cleaning will clean for the customer on an ongoing basis.
  • We will send email reminders to the customer 2 days prior to scheduled visitation.
  • We answer the phone immediately and actively encourage any suggestions and critiques so we can maintain a long term healthy relationship.
  • We realize we are guests in the customers home and each person has a different vision, our crews treat each home differently and follow our customized agenda as dictated by the client.
  • We will not over schedule our crews and allow plenty of time to complete each assignment.
  • We also have an online customer survey form and actively encourage any feedback, we also encourage you to Refer A Friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At Amazon Cleaning, your home will be meticulously cleaned by a team of reliable, background-checked, and insured cleaning professionals. We take pride in our rigorous training program, ensuring our cleaners are equipped with the latest techniques and use eco-friendly products whenever possible.

For your peace of mind, we strive to consistently assign the same crew to your home on every visit. This builds familiarity, allowing the crew to understand your specific cleaning preferences and deliver exceptional results you can depend on.

At Amazon Cleaning, we strive to deliver a sparkling clean that exceeds your expectations. However, if you’re not completely satisfied with your cleaning for any reason, we want to hear about it! We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here’s how we can resolve the house cleaning issue:

  • Contact us within 24 hours of your cleaning service. The sooner we know, the faster we can address the concern.
  • Call our office at 404-246-6550 or email our friendly office manager at amazoncleaningllc@gmail.com.
  • Describe the areas where you weren’t satisfied with the house cleaning.
  • Our team will promptly investigate your concerns and work with you to find a solution. This may include a re-clean of specific areas at no additional cost.

Absolutely Not! Amazon Cleaning provides all the eco-friendly, green cleaning supplies and professional-grade equipment needed to get your home sparkling clean. This ensures we use consistent, high-quality products that are safe for your family and pets.

However, we understand some clients prefer using specific cleaning solutions. If you’d like to provide your own supplies, we do require a waiver outlining any specific usage instructions or highlighting potential concerns with the products. This protects both you and us throughout the cleaning process.

Eco-friendly, green cleaning supplies we use:

  • Non-toxic all-purpose cleaners
  • Biodegradable glass and surface cleaners
  • Pet-safe disinfectants

For a complete list of eco-friendly, green cleaning products we use, just ask and we are happy to provide it!

We understand some clients may feel apprehensive about someone cleaning their home while they’re not there. Rest assured, all our cleaners are insured, bonded, and background checked. You don’t have to be present for our home cleaning services. In fact, many of our clients prefer us to clean while they’re at work, allowing them to return to a sparkling clean home after work and maximize their free time.

For your peace of mind, we offer several secure access options like coded lockboxes and key handover with a trusted neighbor.  Of course, you’re always welcome to be home during the cleaning if you prefer.

Absolutely! Taking a few minutes to prepare your home before the arrival of your Amazon Cleaning crew can significantly improve the efficiency and thoroughness of your cleaning service.

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and sparkling clean:

Declutter for Efficiency:

  • Tidy Up: Put away toys, clothes, shoes, and other clutter on floors and surfaces. This allows the cleaning crew to easily access and clean all areas.
  • Clear Countertops and Tables: Empty countertops, tables, and other surfaces of personal belongings, dishes, and appliances. This gives the cleaners a clear workspace to disinfect and sanitize.

Secure Your Valuables for Peace of Mind:

  • Lock Up Important Items: Put away jewelry, important documents, and other valuables in a safe place for peace of mind.
  • Consider a Safe Deposit Box: For highly valuable items, you might consider a safe deposit box for an extra layer of security.

Communicate for a Customized House Cleaning:

  • Special Requests: Do you have areas that require special attention, like pet hair removal or oven degreasing? Let Amazon Cleaning know in advance to ensure the crew comes prepared with the necessary cleaning solutions and tools. You can also mention this in the “Special Instructions” section while booking your house cleaning online.
  • Mention Pet Needs: If you have pets, let Amazon Cleaning know if they should be secured in a separate area during the cleaning. This ensures the safety of both your pets and the cleaning crew.

Additional Tips for a Flawless House Cleaning:

  • Empty the Dishwasher or Wash Dishes: A clean sink allows the crew to focus on cleaning the counters and surrounding areas without interruption.
  • Provide Easy Access: Ensure there are no obstacles blocking entry points or inside the house. If you’re not home during the cleaning, provide clear instructions and any access codes necessary.
  • Open Windows for Ventilation: Opening windows allows fresh air to circulate, especially helpful during and after cleaning with cleaning products.
  • Leave Contact Information: In case the cleaning crew has any questions or needs clarification on your preferences, leave a contact number or indicate availability during their cleaning time.
  • Feedback is Key: After your cleaning, don’t hesitate to provide feedback through our online portal or by phone. Your input helps us continuously improve our services and meet your cleaning expectations.

By following these simple preparation steps, you can ensure your Amazon Cleaning experience is efficient, thorough, and leaves your home sparkling clean!

Secure and Convenient Payment Options for Your Cleaning Service

At Amazon Cleaning Services, we understand your cleaning needs come first, and paying for your service should be convenient and secure. We offer several flexible payment options to ensure a smooth experience:

  • Same-Day Payment: Most customers choose to leave a check for the cleaners on the kitchen table or countertop in a secure envelope provided by us. For your convenience, pre-printed envelopes are available upon request.
  • Online Payment: Coming Soon! We are currently developing a secure online payment portal to allow for quick and easy credit card payments directly through our website.
  • Call to Discuss Other Options: If these options aren’t a perfect fit, don’t hesitate to call us at (770) 906-4001 or use our contact form. We’re happy to discuss alternative payment arrangements that work best for you.

Why We Don’t Accept Cash:

For security reasons, we kindly ask that you do not leave cash payments for our cleaning crew. Checks offer a clear record of the transaction and minimize the risk of misunderstandings.

Security Measures:

Your peace of mind is our priority. All our cleaners are bonded and insured, and we perform thorough background checks. We also recommend that you are home during the initial cleaning service to meet your cleaning crew and feel comfortable.

Cleaning with Indoor Pets? No Problem! Here’s How We Can Help!

We understand that having furry friends around can add a layer of complexity to cleaning. But fear not, pet owners! At Amazon Cleaning, we’re experienced in working with households that have indoor companions.

Here’s how we ensure a smooth cleaning experience for everyone:

  • Pet-Friendly Crew Matching: We take your pet’s temperament into account when assigning a cleaning crew. If you have a shy cat or a playful pup, we’ll match you with cleaners who are comfortable and experienced working around animals.
  • Pre-Cleaning Communication: Before your cleaning day, we’ll ask detailed questions about your pets. This helps us plan accordingly and ensures your crew knows how best to interact with them (or avoid them altogether!).
  • Keeping Your Pets Safe: We prioritize the safety of both your pets and our cleaning crew. Let us know about any special needs your pets might have, and we’ll work around them. For pets who are less social with strangers, we recommend keeping them in a separate room or secured area during the cleaning process.
  • Peace of Mind with Pet Care Supplies: Our cleaners come prepared! We can use pet-safe cleaning products upon request, minimizing any potential risks to your furry friends.

Building a Cleaning Routine You Can Trust: Consistent Cleaning Crews at Amazon Cleaning

At Amazon Cleaning, we understand the importance of familiarity and trust when it comes to who cleans your home. That’s why we strive to consistently assign the same cleaning crew to your home whenever possible. This allows them to become familiar with your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a consistent and personalized cleaning experience.

However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances like illness, vacations, or scheduling conflicts may occasionally necessitate a replacement crew. Rest assured, all our cleaning professionals undergo rigorous background checks and extensive training on our proven cleaning methods and high standards. This ensures that, regardless of the crew, you’ll receive the exceptional cleaning service you expect from Amazon Cleaning.

In the rare instance where a replacement crew is necessary, our office staff will notify you in advance and ensure a smooth transition. We’ll also gather feedback after the cleaning to guarantee your satisfaction.

At Amazon Cleaning, we understand accidents can happen, even with the utmost care. Your peace of mind is our top priority , and we’re committed to resolving any damage concerns promptly and fairly. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Transparent Communication: If you discover any damaged items after your cleaning, please let us know immediately. We’ll work with you to assess the situation and determine the cause.
  • Full Responsibility for Our Actions: If our cleaning team is found responsible for the damage, we take full financial responsibility for repairs or replacements. We’re bonded and insured to ensure you’re covered in these situations.
  • Limitations: It’s important to note that pre-existing damage, wear and tear from everyday use, and fragile items already in a compromised state are not covered under our policy.
  • Preventative Measures: To minimize the risk of unintended damage, we recommend discussing any fragile or valuable items with your cleaning crew beforehand. This allows them to take extra care while handling those items.

What We Can’t Cover (Examples):

  • Broken antique vase inherited from your grandmother
  • Leaky faucet due to aging pipes (we recommend contacting a plumber)
  • Ripped upholstery worn from years of use

For Your Added Comfort:

  • Our cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained in proper cleaning techniques to ensure the safety of your belongings.
  • We use high-quality, gentle cleaning products to minimize the risk of damage to your furniture and surfaces.

We’re Here to Help!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our damage policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re always happy to discuss specific situations and find a solution that works for everyone.

When to Expect Your Amazon Cleaning Service

At Amazon Cleaning, we understand the importance of a consistent cleaning schedule. Here’s how you’ll stay informed about your upcoming cleaning:

  • Recurring Weekly Schedule: Upon signing up, you’ll choose a designated weekday for your regular cleaning service. This day will remain consistent unless we notify you in advance due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., holidays).
  • Email Reminders: For your convenience, we’ll send you two email reminders:
    • 2 Days Prior Notice: A friendly reminder to let you know your cleaning is scheduled in two days.
    • Day Before Confirmation: A final confirmation email the day before your cleaning detailing the appointment time.

Why Amazon Cleaning Stands Out:

At Amazon Cleaning, we prioritize clear communication and a reliable cleaning schedule. In addition to our detailed reminders, you can always reach our friendly customer service team if you have any questions about your cleaning appointment.

Safety Considerations for Optimal Results

At Amazon Cleaning, we prioritize the safety of our cleaning professionals and the protection of your valuable furniture. While we understand the desire to have furniture moved during cleaning, we are unable to do so for the following reasons:

  • Safety First: Moving furniture can pose a risk of injury to our cleaners and damage to your items, especially for heavy pieces. We want to ensure a safe work environment to deliver the best cleaning service possible.
  • Furniture Protection: Shifting furniture can cause unexpected dings, scratches, or strain on delicate pieces. We take pride in meticulous cleaning without causing any harm to your cherished belongings.
  • Optimal Cleaning Results: For a thorough clean, some furniture may need to be slightly adjusted. Our experienced cleaners can expertly maneuver furniture within the space to reach all nooks and crannies without fully moving it.

Additional Tips for a Flawless Clean:

  • Clear the Room: To allow for maximum cleaning efficiency, we recommend removing any personal items, clutter, or fragile objects from the cleaning area before we arrive.
  • Lighten the Load: If there’s a specific piece you’d like us to clean underneath or behind, feel free to move it yourself beforehand to ensure a comprehensive clean.

Deep Clean vs. Regular Clean: Choosing the Right Service for Your Home

A deep clean is a comprehensive cleaning service that goes beyond the surface level cleaning of a regular clean. It is a top-to-bottom cleaning that removes dirt, grime, and allergens from your entire home. Deep cleaning services typically take more time than regular cleaning services, but they will leave your home sparkling clean.

Here is a list of some of the tasks that are typically included in a deep clean:

  • Kitchen: Cleaning appliances (inside and out), cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, floors, walls.
  • Bathroom: Cleaning toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, vanities, floors, walls, mirrors.
  • Bedrooms: Dusting furniture, cleaning windows, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors.
  • Living areas: Dusting furniture, cleaning windows, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, cleaning upholstery.

A regular clean is a maintenance cleaning service that is designed to keep your home clean on a regular basis. Regular cleaning services typically focus on the most commonly used areas of your home, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas. They may also include some light dusting and vacuuming.

Here is a list of some of the tasks that are typically included in a regular cleaning service:

  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Mopping floors
  • Dusting furniture and surfaces
  • Cleaning toilets, sinks, and countertops
  • Emptying trash cans

Which cleaning service is right for you?

The best cleaning service for you will depend on your individual needs. If your home is generally clean but you just need a little help keeping up with the day-to-day cleaning, then a regular clean may be sufficient. However, if your home is deep dirty or if you are moving in or out of a home, then a deep clean is a better option.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing between a deep clean and a regular clean:

  • Your budget: Deep cleans typically cost more than regular cleans.
  • The amount of time you have: Deep cleans take longer than regular cleans.
  • The condition of your home: If your home is very dirty, then you will need a deep clean.

Amazon Cleaning Refund Policy: How to Get Your Money’s Worth

While Amazon Cleaning’s service is non-refundable, we understand that things might not always go according to plan. Here’s what our policy covers:

  • Inspection Window: If there are any areas you’re unhappy with, address them with the cleaning crew during the final walkthrough. We’ll be happy to fix anything on the spot.
  • 24-Hour Re-clean Guarantee: If you notice any issues within 24 hours of your cleaning, Amazon Cleaning will send the crew back out free of charge to re-clean those areas.
  • Beyond 24 Hours: If you report an issue after 24 hours, we can only fix service-related problems until your next scheduled cleaning.

Additional tips to ensure a smooth cleaning experience:

  • Communicate Clearly: Before your cleaning, be sure to clearly communicate your expectations to the cleaning crew. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Do a Walk-through: Take the time to do a walk-through with the crew leader at the end of the cleaning to point out anything that needs to be addressed.

Referral Bonus Program- Refer, Relax, and Receive: Free Cleanings Await You and Your Friends!

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If you refer a long term customer* who stays with us on a set rotation, here are the awards offered:

  1.  For each customer you refer, you get a 100% discount off (1) regular cleaning. Yes, it is free!
  2.  OR pick Free Interior Fridge, Oven and Interior window cleaning.

*Long-Term Customer – any client who uses our services 3 times or more is deemed a repeat customer.

*Repeat Customers are customers who are set on a rotation.

Since we have been in business for over a decade now, we have learned how to operate on the cutting edge of efficiency and effectiveness.  In addition, we consider it a privilege to be referred to friends and family so we will take great care in fostering those new relationships if provided the opportunity.  Since we do have a higher pay scale for our crews, we will be the first to admit that our focus is year-round quality and consistency, visit after visit and year after year.  In the end, a successful Atlanta Maid Service practice takes attention to detail, consistent monitoring and a great deal of listening and planning.  For that reason, we have an essentially real-time customer service hotline ready to assist for any scheduling or suggestion requirements.