Our Cleaning Processes

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We offer various types of rotations: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Periotic.

Monthly (every 28 days) are available Monday – Wednesday. Weekly and every other week visitations are available Monday – Friday depending upon schedule openings. The reason for this is monthly visits take longer to perform, we want to protect each our customer slots by never overbooking during our highest volume days of Thursday and Friday. We also reserve the right to charge the frequency of service fee appropriate for the time frame between visits to back you back on schedule since it always takes longer to clean a property the longer it is in between visits.

Figuring out how to pay? We do offer a few options for you. one thing to point out is that we do require payment the same day of service.

  1. We do accept Check or Cash as a primary option.
  2. We do also accept all kinds of debit/credit cards, but there is a 4% processing fee if you would like to pay with that option. We would hate to have you pay the processing fee, but if you do prefer that option, please give us at 404-246-6550 in order for us to process the payment.
  3. If you forget to leave payment, we request that you mail payment to us.

We operate with courtesy to our clients and our crews, such as:

  • No Cancellation Fees nor rescheduling fees if the cancelation policy is followed *
  • Guaranteed Scheduling
  • Managerial Support

To forestall abrupt cancellations we request a 48 Hour Notice of Cancellation

  • To promote crew welfare
  • And Maintain Smooth Business Operations

Experience shows that our clients with guaranteed access (lockboxes/garage codes) find a drastically reduced need to cancel.

*A $65 fee applies to cancellations when 48 hour notice is not given.

In order for us to provide the best possible service, we do have to give our crews ample time to do their assignments. For that reason, we do not provide specific arrival times after the 8 AM house (those are only provided to the weekly and bi-weekly homes). Due to variables outside of our control like traffic, changes in our schedules and additions to our cleaning scope, we offer a 2nd of the day arrival window which is anytime arrival between 10 AM and 330PM. We do understand it is a wider time range so we can always come in without having you wait. Access to the home can be accommodated with a hide a key, garage code entry, and also as a perk for being a long term customer, we do offer a free rental lockbox.
We will provide a ballpark estimate via email or phone. We need to ask a few questions in order to ascertain an initial ballpark estimate.

The onsite (in-home) estimate:

  • We quickly tour the home and provide a final quote.
  • We record any specific requests and notes so that we can customize the service.
  • We cover all of the aspects that we will cover for the deep and ongoing visitation.
  • We cover customer guidelines to set us up for long term success.
  • The onsite estimate will almost always take 10 minutes or less.

The first deep cleaning visit:

  • The crew will be briefed on specific customer requests and deep clean the entire home.
  • The customer does not need to be present but we will contact the customer 1 hour before completion for a final walk through.
  • We actively request any suggestions or feedback during the final walk-through process, each house has a learning curve and we want to master it.
  • During checkout, in the home office back at Amazon, the crew will document with the home office any specific instructions they learned during the final walkthrough.
  • One of the owners will follow up after the first visit to touch base and learn any additional ways we can customize the service.

Ongoing Service:

  • Only the same crew who performed the first deep cleaning will clean for the customer on an ongoing basis.
  • We will send phone and email reminders to the customer 1 day prior to scheduled visitation.
  • We answer the phone immediately and actively encourage any suggestions and critiques so we can maintain a long term healthy relationship.
  • We realize we are guests in the customers home and each person has a different vision, our crews treat each home differently and follow our customized agenda as dictated by the client.
  • We will not over schedule our crews and allow plenty of time to complete each assignment.
  • We also have an online customer survey form and actively encourage any feedback, we also encourage you to Refer A Friend.

If you refer a long term customer* who stays with us on a set rotation, here are the awards offered:

  1.  For each customer you refer, you get a 50% discount off (1) regular cleaning
  2.  Once you have referred 3 or more customers, you will get 75% off (1) regular cleaning for each customer referred.
  3.  OR pick Free Interior Fridge, Oven and Interior window cleaning for each customer referred

*Long Term Customer – any client who uses our services 3 times or more is deemed, repeat customer

*Repeat Customers are customers who are set on a rotation.

Since we have been in business for over a decade now, we have learned how to operate on the cutting edge of efficiency and effectiveness.  In addition, we consider it a privilege to be referred to friends and family so we will take great care in fostering those new relationships if provided the opportunity.  Since we do have a higher pay scale for our crews, we will be the first to admit that our focus is year-round quality and consistency, visit after visit and year after year.  In the end, a successful Atlanta Maid Service practice takes attention to detail, consistent monitoring and a great deal of listening and planning.  For that reason, we have an essentially real-time customer service hotline ready to assist for any scheduling or suggestion requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A staff of highly trained individuals that exceed industry standards. We provide the same crew on every visit. Will also ensure that the same crew performs exceptional work every visit.

You can trust Amazon Cleaning with all of your cleaning needs. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please call our office at 404-246-6550 or email our office manager at [email protected] within 24 hours.

Absolutely not. We can always use our supplies and equipment. We do have clients who use specific supplies that they provide. A full list of the supplies that we use is available upon request.

You do not need to be there for us to work. Generally, most clients prefer us to clean while they are at work. They issue us a key and then can come home to a clean and spotless house.

Not at all. It does help our cleaners to know what not to clean though. Such as kids toys or TV screens.

Payment is due the day of service. Most customers find it convenient to leave a check for the cleaners on the kitchen table or countertop. We also realize that it may not always be possible. Please give us a call or write us an email if you can’t pay the same day. We will help you make arrangements to get your payment to us.

We can ensure that the crew we assign to you will be matched based on your needs. Including indoors pets. If you have a dog that is less than cordial with strangers, we ask that you separate them from the crew as they clean.

We at Amazon Cleaning will always try to provide you with the same cleaning crew on every visit. However, there may be outside factors, such as illness or employment termination, that may prevent this. All of our crews are trained the same and can provide the same quality service. We can provide a replacement crew.

We will always treat your home with the greatest of care, yet sometimes accidents do happen. Amazon Cleaning will have the item repaired or replaced if we have caused it.

We send out email reminders 2 days prior to and a telephone reminder the day before your cleaning. Generally, we cannot provide you with a specific time, just a day of the week and whether you would like the cleaning in the morning or afternoon.

Unfortunately, due to safety issues and policies from past experiences, we are unable to move any furniture and clean. This helps protect not only our cleaners but also your furniture and valuables from being damaged.

A deep clean is a service that covers your home from top to bottom, ensuring that everything is spic and span. Our crews normally spend around 4 hours or more on a deep clean service. A regular clean is a maintenance service that keeps your house spotless. Maintaining a clean house is less time consuming than cleaning a dirty house.

This is a non-refundable service. We do not provide any refunds. If there are any items that you need to have the crew redo, please do so at the inspection of the cleaning. If you are unhappy with the service, we are always able to bring back the crew to re-clean any items within 24 hours. We will do our best to assist you. If there is any report after 24 hrs, we can only fix service-related items until the next service.