Terms & Conditions


For repeat clients, we offer 8am first of the day arrival as we are able to control first of the arrival subject to weather and traffic conditions. The second visit of the day is approximately 10am to 330PM arrival. For all other appointments, the customer agrees to allow our crews to arrive without approximate arrival time estimates. Our commitment is quality and not speed, we want to give our clients the very best and that means taking our time. For Move in/Move out and Initial Deep Cleaning visits, Amazon Cleaning will provide a specific start and end time so that we can coordinate final inspection and payment with the client day of service.


In order to better serve our clients and allow the freedom to operate independently from us, we do require that guaranteed access be provided for our crews. A Realtor lockbox, garage door code or other means of access will be arranged by the client for the cleaning crew in advance so we can best serve and allow our clients freedom to travel without waiting on our crews as we will almost always run later as we are committed to quality, not speed.


The client agrees that any and all requests, suggestions, instructions or scheduling requests go through our customer service hotline at 404-246-6550. Our cleaning crews are instructed to focus on checking their work and striving for quality. In order to get the very best from our crews, we allow them to operate independently from direct monitoring. The one exception to this policy is the initial deep cleaning where we welcome feedback and participation so we can fine tune and customize our service to our valued clients’ vision and expectations. Same 2 person team will be allowed to have a replacement crew cover for them, a few times per year, for family vacation coverage and sick days. Attorney fees-The parties agree that in the event Amazon Cleaning is required to hire an attorney with regard to enforcement of the terms of this contract, or otherwise protect its rights according to law, then the client is obligated to pay all attorney fees and costs incurred by Amazon Cleaning in its enforcement. Customer agrees not to commit insurance fraud, online libel or harassment to amazon cleaning representatives. Respectful and civil communication for all business dealings is agreed upon as standard and beratement or hostile treatment towards service or office personnel will be cause for termination of the business relationship. Customer agrees that Amazon is a provider of services as contemplated by O.C.G.A §44-14-361 and accordingly may file a lien.


The customer stipulates that our crews are allowed to protect their safety at all times. Anything taller than a 2-foot step stool will not be attempted by Amazon Cleaning Personnel when cleaning. In order to prevent damage to floors or injury, Amazon Cleaning Personnel will not move any item 20 lbs. or heavier. However, if our valued client moves a heavy item we will clean underneath.


It is agreed upon by the client that any concerns regarding the service will be reported within 24 hours of service to the Amazon Cleaning customer hotline at 404-246-6550 so that Amazon Cleaning may honor our service guarantee. Any concerns regarding quality, the customer agrees to allow their crew to return and resolve within 2 business days.


It is understood by the client that Amazon Cleaning crews are not perfect, there will be a small 1% margin of error no matter how experienced your crew is. We follow strict procedures regarding quality control and inspecting their work before they leave. Amazon Cleaning applies advanced certification, monitoring, positive reinforcement, and logistical routing to maximize the time spent in the home. Having stated this, our crews are human beings, there will be a small margin of error. There will always be very small details missed as even the most senior crews. Our claim will be excellent quality and professionalism but we certainly are not perfect. The client agrees not to hold Amazon Cleaning, LLC to a standard of perfection and allow for operation with very strong quality as the standard.


Weekly and every other week visitations are available Monday – Friday depending upon schedule openings. Monthly(every 28 days) visitations are available Monday – Wednesday. The reason for this is monthly is that our every 4-week visits take longer to perform, we want to protect our customer service by never overbooking during our highest volume days of Thursday and Friday. We also reserve the right to charge the frequency of service fee appropriate for the time frame between visits to back you back on schedule since it always takes longer to clean a property the longer it is in between visits.


Only the owner or renter of the home can book, pay, and inspect the job, one account holder per home as designated contact. The family member who is the authority on cleaning is the one present for the in-home estimate handle communication with Amazon directly.