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5 Things You Can Purge From Your Closet And Never Miss

We recommend that you go through your closets annually and purge clothing, shoes and accessories that you do not wear or need. But sometimes deciding what you do not use or wear can be challenging. Many people are worried that they will purge something that they will miss or want back after they get rid of it. Here are five things you can purge from your closet and never miss: 

Items That Have Not Been Worn in 6 Months

One thing you can do is turn all of your hangers in your closet backwards before purging items. As you wear items, you can flip your hangers around to the right way. When it is time to purge your closet in 6 months, find everything that is still backwards. If you have not worn it in 6 months, chances are slim you will miss it if you purge it. 

Uncomfortable Shoes

Another item that you can purge from your closet and never miss are uncomfortable shoes. We all have one or two pairs of shoes in our closet that are not very comfortable. We often only pull them out if we absolutely have to. Invest in shoes that fit your feet. You will get more wear out of them and you can say good-bye to shoes that are uncomfortable, give you blisters and that you don’t actually like. 

Clothing With Holes, Rips or Stains

When you are purging your closet, take the time to examine your clothing, shoes and accessories. If you notice anything with holes, rips, stains or loose seams, get rid of it. Unless it is a high-end item that you absolutely love, it is not worth taking the time to repair your old clothing. And if it is ripped or stained, you will not wear it again, no matter how much you love it. Now is the perfect time to toss it. 

Accessories That Show Signs of Wear

As you go threw your closet, be sure to look at your accessories. This includes things like costume jewelry, hats, shoes and scarves. If you notice items that are worn, be sure to toss them. If your items look worn, faded and dirty, it is time to invest in some new accessories. 

Clothing That Does Not Fit

Lastly, if clothing does not fit, donate it. Many people hold on to items in case they gain weight back or lose weight in the future. Instead, donate or sell these clothes and replace them with clothing that fits well, feels good, and looks good! Do not cling to clothes that only make you feel insecure while they gather dust in the closet.

Purging your closest is only one of the ways you can get your home organized and cleaned. If you need help with cleaning your home, an Atlanta maid service can help you. Contact Amazon Cleaning today to learn more about one time cleaning or routine cleanings to help get your home sparkling clean. 

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5 Cleaning Tips for Fighting Household Odors

Nobody wants their house to smell. However, at one point in time or another, you will walk into your home and notice that it smells. When this happens, you may take the trash out, hoping to solve the problem, but if the issue is not resolved, you may wonder what to do next. Here are a few cleaning tips that can help you fight everyday household odors:

Air Out Your House

If you notice your home smells, one of the first things that you may want to do is do a light cleaning, such as vacuuming and dusting, and then airing your home out. Sometimes smells are simply trapped in your home. Opening up the windows and using fans can help smells in your home to escape, while also letting in fresh air. 

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

When you notice a smell coming from your home, you may try to figure out where it is coming from. If it seems to be emanating from the kitchen, your garbage disposal may need to be cleaned. There are many different ways to clean your garbage disposal and remove smells. Some people grind up a lemon or orange in the disposal, while other people allow baking soda and vinegar to sit in the disposal. Either option will remove odors. 

Clean Your Drains

It is recommended that you pour a pot of nearly boiling water down your drains every month. This includes your sink, shower and bathtub drains. This helps to remove sludge and build up that can cause smells to be emitted from the drain. If you smell odors and are not sure why, try to clean your drains with hot water to see if that solves the problem.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Your duct work carries hot and cold air from your HVAC unit, air conditioner or heater into your home. But overtime, the ducts get filled with dirt and dust. This dirt and dust can begin to smell as it just sits there. It is recommended that you have your ducts cleaned every two to three years, or as needed to remove odors that you cannot otherwise remove from your home yourself. 

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Lastly, if your home smells, it may be time to deep clean your carpets. Your carpet fibers can hold in many things, including dirt, dust, pollen and allergens. All of these items can cause your home to smell. A professional can use hot water extraction or steam clean your carpets to remove all of this debris and any scents that may be lingering in your carpet. 

If the odor still is not resolved, it may be time to look into hiring an Atlanta house cleaning service, such as Amazon Cleaning. We can help to clean your entire house, removing any dirt, dust or residue that may be causing smells to exist in your home. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. 

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The 5 Best Laundry Hacks of All Time

Is laundry taking over your life? Here are five ways you can reduce the time you spend sorting, washing, drying, folding, and ironing your family’s wardrobe.

Keep Small Items Under Control

Lost socks don’t have to be a natural byproduct of the laundry process. Instead of throwing your hosiery into the wash like all your other items, try placing them in a mesh laundry bag. Your items will still enjoy the full benefit of the laundry cycle without the risk of losing them. Your mesh bag also makes matching socks a breeze. Use this trick for other small and delicate items like fabric hair accessories and intimate apparel.

Pretreat Stains Like a Pro

Remove stains before washing to preserve your favorite clothing pieces. Dab shaving cream on makeup-stained fabrics, use rubbing alcohol to release smudged-on lipstick, soak up oily residue with baby powder, or create a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice to neutralize armpit marks. Do some online research to ensure your methods are safe for certain fabrics.

Fight Wrinkles Faster

Who has time for steaming and ironing? Pop creased clothing into your dryer with a handful of ice cubes. As the ice melts, it will release just enough steam to ease crinkles out of iron-safe fabrics like cotton and polyester blends. You only need about 15 minutes to get your clothes steam-iron straight. If static is an issue, toss a crumpled ball of aluminum foil into the dryer as well.

Leave No Lint Behind

The lint trap is an important part of your dryer’s ability to function. Keep it clear to decrease lint and potential damage to your garments. Wrap an old cloth or pillowcase around a ruler or paint stick. Remove the screen from your lint trap and use the stick to clean out accumulated dirt and grime in that part of the machine. Repeat once a month to keep your dryer free of debris that can ruin your clothes and cause technical malfunctions.

Softer Water for Softer Clothes

Water with high mineral content makes it difficult to get your clothes truly clean. Add up to 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your wash cycle to repel minerals and achieve a cleaner wash. Baking soda is another natural water softener that also deodorizes while it cleans. Add a few drops of essential oil to 1/2 cup baking soda to get cleaner, fresher clothes with chlorine. 

Laundry may be unavoidable, but these 5 helpful hacks will definitely make it a less painful process. Want to save even more time and effort while cleaning your home? Make a call to Amazon Cleaning, the best Atlanta maid service!

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10 Ways to Fake a Cleaner Home in a Flash

Your busy routine doesn’t have to stand in the way of an active social life. However, your messy home might discourage you from extending invitations to friends and family. When you don’t have time to clean, these tips will help you create the illusion of a clean and orderly home.

Focus on the Olfactory

Our sense of smell is a powerful component in the picture of reality shaped by our brains. These tips help you create a more comfortable environment by controlling odors.

  • Skip the sprays and incense. Open your windows or doors to let fresh air sweep away staleness. Use a box fan for increased circulation.
  • Stash dirty dishes in the dishwasher or cover them with towels or a large pan to mask old food smells.
  • Out of fabric refresher? Mix equal amounts of water with fabric softener for a quick upholstery fix.

Visitors are more likely to forgive a disorganized home if it smells inviting.

Bathroom Breaks

Chances are good that your visitors will need to use the bathroom during their stay. Use these techniques to spruce up your restroom in no time.

  • Close the shower curtain to hide grimy linoleum and tiling. This is also a great place to hide mounds of laundry and other belongings that you can’t find a place for quickly.
  • Use disposable wipes to shine up surfaces and remove dirt and filth. Don’t forget the toilet seat!
  • Take out the trash to remove a major source of odors and give your restroom a more presentable appearance.

With these techniques, you can have a guest-ready restroom in less than 5 minutes.

Line of Sight

See your home through your visitors’ eyes to decide how to use your limited cleaning time.

  • Confine your gathering to one room. Close doors to bedrooms and other spaces so guests won’t see the mess.
  • Use your environment to mask clutter. Besides the shower or bathtub, dining room tables are another great place to hide a lot of stuff. Stack boxes or bags under the table then cover with a large cloth to disguise your temporary storage space.
  • Open the curtains to give your guests a view of the outside world. This will help distract them from less-than-standard indoor conditions.
  • Tackle floors first for maximum effect. Use a broom and dustpan for touch ups. However, it might be worth the time to drag out the vacuum cleaner.

Of course, the easiest way to prepare your home for visitors is with the help of your local Atlanta home cleaning service. Hire professional cleaners to come in and take care of your dirty work while you attend to party details. In between regular visits, however, you can use these tips to have your house ready for guests in a flash.

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10 Cleaning Secrets Only Professionals Know

Keeping your home sanitary can seem like a full-time job. Regular visits from an Atlanta house cleaning service are the best way to reduce demands on your time while maintaining your standards. In between visits, however, it can be a challenge to preserve those conditions. Steal these cleaning hacks from the professionals at Atlanta house cleaning services to keep your home clean and orderly with less effort.

Make It Shine

Stainless steel appliances and fixtures attract dust and fingerprints. Even when the rest of your home is clean, these surfaces can give your space an unkempt look. Use these tips to keep your shiny surfaces glowing.

  • Wipe fabric dryer sheets on bathroom mirrors and fixtures to pick up dried-on gunk and film.
  • Repel fingerprints and smudges by buffing a thin layer of olive oil onto your stainless steel appliances.
  • Add vinegar to your glass cleaner for a streak-free finish. A small handheld squeegee makes cleaning mirrors even easier.

Reflective surfaces are natural focal points. Give these some extra attention to give your home a pulled-together look.

Control Odors

No matter how clean your home is, unpleasant smells will make it feel dirty and uncomfortable. Keep odors under control for a more comfortable home environment.

  • Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water. Apply generously to pet stains and around toilets to neutralize urine odors.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a cup of baking soda. Sprinkle the infused baking soda on upholstered items, carpets, and beds. Let sit for at least 30 minutes, then vacuum thoroughly. The baking soda will lift away unpleasant smells as the oil adds a pleasing fragrance.
  • Take your essential oils in the bathroom too. Just a few drops of your favorite scent on a cardboard toilet tissue roll will keep your bathroom smelling fresh through multiple visits.

Focus on removing the source of the smell rather than masking odors for the best results.

Clear the Air

Fight allergies and respiratory illness while keeping your home clean with these lung-friendly cleaning tips.

  • Wrap the blade end of a kitchen knife with a cotton cloth. Dampen the cloth with cleaner and use your tool to fish dirt and junk out of ventilation grates.
  • Use your handheld squeegee to whisk pet hairs and loose fabric fibers off of furniture and other surfaces.
  • Be sure to give your walls a good wipe down at least once a month to remove clinging dust and allergens.
  • Prevent mold from settling into your home during the winter. After a snow day, place boots and shoes in a bucket of rice to thoroughly absorb moisture.

These 10 tips will help you keep your home clean and fresh between visits from your favorite Atlanta maid service.

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5 Actually Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes

When your home needs special attention, your local Atlanta house cleaning service knows all the tricks and techniques to get everything back in order. In between visits, however, keeping a clean home can be a challenge. This is especially true for homes with young children or those who entertain frequently. In an effort to correct messy situations, however, homeowners can make some serious mistakes. Avoid these 5 potentially dangerous cleaning mistakes to keep your loved ones safe.

Mixing Chemicals

Stubborn stains are frustrating. While trying to tackle a particularly nasty mark on furniture, floors, or carpets, cleaners will mix multiple products. The idea is to boost the cleaning power of each ingredient. Not only is this an ineffective way to approach stain removal, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Many household cleansers contain chemicals that are not compatible. Putting these things together could cause a reaction that unleashes a toxic cloud. This chemical mist can complicate breathing, trigger respiratory issues, and burn delicate skin tissues.

Instead of mixing cleansers, call your Atlanta maid service for personalized assistance.

Using One Cloth for Multiple Rooms

A damp cloth makes it easy to whisk away dust from surfaces. However, it’s not a good idea to use the same cloth for every room in your home. Even if you rinse your cleaning cloth thoroughly in between uses, fine particles of matter continue to cling to the fibers. Every time you use that cloth, you’re transferring microbes from one surface to the other. In this way, house cleaners can inadvertently spread viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contagions throughout the home.

Use disposable wipes for a more sanitary dusting experience.

Skipping Refrigerator Duty

After doing the dishes, cleaning out the fridge is everyone’s least favorite chore. However, neglecting your kitchen duties can have big consequences for your family’s health. It’s easy for things to get pushed to the back and forgotten. Youngsters who are able to get their own snack can grab them and get sick from spoiled food. Leaving dirty shelves and old containers is also a good way to encourage the growth of nasty bacteria that can infect good foods too.

Aim to clear out your refrigerator once every two weeks.

Using a Dirty Vacuum

Your vacuum is the first line of defense against airborne attackers. Most of the dirt and dust that gets into your home comes in on the bottom of your shoes. A well-functioning vacuum helps remove as many of them as possible. When your vacuum is clogged with grime and dust, it loses suction and can’t pick up as many fine particles. Every time you use a dirty vacuum, you’re throwing all of that matter back into your breathing air.

Do a deep clean on your vacuum at least once a month.

Using Your Dishwasher as a Catch-All

The internet is full of ways to save time using your dishwasher. From bath toys to baseball hats, digital cleaning gurus are advising people to use their dishwasher for all sorts of things. This is actually a terrible idea. Everything that comes off of these items ends up in the traps and filters of your machine. The next time you load it with dishes, you’re basically covering them in the residue from previously washed items.

Choose alternate methods to wash your non-dish to prevent the spread of contaminants.

The best way to keep your home clean without risking your health is with regular visits from Atlanta house cleaning services.

30 minute cleaning routine

The 30 Minute Cleaning Routine

Getting your home cleaned by an Atlanta maid service saves you time and guarantees a super clean environment. In between visits, however, it can be tough to keep up. Who has time in their busy schedule to mop, dust, wipe, and shine every single day? Luckily, you don’t have to commit hours out of your day to keep your home clean. Follow this plan to craft a 30-minute cleaning routine that keeps your living spaces free of debris and dirt until the next scheduled visit from Atlanta house cleaning services.

Pick It Up

With a laundry basket in tow, walk around your home. When you find things that are out-of-place, deposit them in your basket. Relocate items to their proper places. If you’re in a hurry, set the basket aside for later distribution.

In bigger homes, you may need multiple baskets to hold all the toys, trinkets, and personal items your loved ones leave lying around. Others may choose to use multiple baskets to separate electronics and other delicate items.

For a modest-sized family home, this step shouldn’t take more than 5 to 8 minutes.

Throw It Out

Retrace your steps, this time with a trash container. Throw away any trash or unwanted items you find around the home. Use a bigger trash bag so you can use it to empty smaller receptacles. Make sure to check under tables, chairs, and other furniture so you don’t miss anything.

This is not the time to get caught up in deep decisions. If you aren’t sure if something is trash or not, add it to your redistribution basket for later consideration.

This short step only takes 2 to 5 minutes on a normal day.

Wipe It Down

Now is the time to shine, literally. With your spray bottle and cleaning cloth, give all the surfaces of your home a quick once-over. Pay special attention to shiny surfaces like mirrors and appliances. Bathrooms and kitchens take the most attention but don’t neglect dresser, desks, and tables.

Switch cleaning cloths in between rooms to keep germs and allergens from spreading throughout the home. Disposable wipes are a sanitary solution that also saves time.

You should be able to whiz through this step in 10 to 12 minutes.

Get Down on the Floor

Break out your dust mops, brooms, and vacuums to tackle your floors and carpets. Shake out small area rugs to dislodged dirt and dust before taking on the rest of the room. This doesn’t have to be a thorough cleaning. Save the hard-to-reach or rarely seen areas for another day.

Perform a quick spot-mopping on your hardwood and linoleum floors. Don’t waste time hauling out your bucket. A damp cloth and spray cleanser allow you to quickly wipe up small spills with minimal effort.

Take 5 to 10 minutes to refresh your floors and revitalize the feeling of your entire space.

Keeping your home clean doesn’t have to be a time-consuming challenge. Use this simple daily routine after a deep cleaning from your Atlanta house cleaning service to fight off clutter and grime.

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The Ultimate New Year Cleaning Checklist

There’s no better way to start the New Year fresh than by deep cleaning your home! A clean, tidy home inspires productivity and mental clarity, which is exactly what you’ll need to make 2019 great!

So what’s truly the difference between everyday cleaning and deep cleaning? Well, a lot of it has to do with finding dirt and maintaining things in places that you normally overlook. So whether you’re doing it yourself or are hiring Atlanta house cleaning services to do it for you, check out these forget-me-nots to help prepare you for a new, productive year! 

1. Clean Windows

Did you know that dirty windows block 20% more light than clean ones? With winter days becoming shorter and shorter, make your days count by cleaning them out. All that’s needed are a simple ammonia solution, a squeegee and a towel. Or of you want to make your own solution, use a 50/50 ratio of vinegar and water and wipe or wash off with a garden hose.

2. Check Batteries

With all the cooking and cozy fireplaces that are going to happen, you ought to check the batteries in your smoke detectors. It’s recommended that all smoke detectors should have their batteries changed out and tested every 6 months. While you’re at it, check portable holiday decorations and anything else battery operated in the house. This type of service is not usually covered by an Atlanta maid service.

3. Winterize your Entry

You’re working hard to clean your home, so don’t let Old Man Winter rain (or snow) on your parade with tracked dirt. Have a boot scraper and a bench nearby at the front door so guests can clean their boots and change at a convenient spot before they walk in the door.

4. Basket of Slippers

Here’s a neat idea. Have a basket of cozy slippers or socks (preferably new ones) next to the door inside. It’s a gentle encouragement for your guests to remove their winter boots after they cleaned them off outside. And who wouldn’t want to freebie soft duds for their tired dogs?

5. Don’t Forget to Look Up!

Dust and dirt are sneaky little buggers. If there’s any sort of flat surface area to be had, you will likely find it there. Now’s the time to clean those things you haven’t paid attention to over the summer. Wipe off the tops of doorways, and gently dust artwork. Ceiling fans are major dust magnets. You can wrap an old pillowcase around a ceiling fan blade and wipe it with the top end to help catch dust. Baseboards and behind furtuture are infamous spots, too. If an area is not easy to reach for you, ask your Atlanta house cleaning service to help you.

Getting Ready for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Now that you know what to do for your New Year deep cleaning, it’s time to get it done and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Not sure if you have time to clean? No problem! Ask Amazon Cleaning to help you. Our home cleaning services Atlanta are great year-round and can set you on the right track for 2019.

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Your Guide to Post-Holiday Cleaning

After you’ve dashed through the snow, enjoyed some figgy pudding, and spread good tidings and cheer with your loved ones over the holidays, it’s time to hunker down for the rest of the winter months. And what better way to start the new year right than with a fresh, clean house inside and out? Whether you’re getting ready for the cold during a warm weather break or looking for something to do while shut indoors, try cleaning these overlooked places. And if you need extra help, you can always call on your Atlanta maid service!

1. Wash and Disinfect Trash Cans

Your trash cans worked hard with all that holiday feasting. They probably smell like it, too! Cut down the germs by disinfecting them outside with vinegar or a mild disinfectant. Hose them with water and dry them off when you’re done.

2. Vacuum Behind the Fridge

If you think about it, a clean fridge will help prolong its life and performance, saving you time and hefty repair costs. Clean it out from the inside by wiping it down with a mild disinfectant cleaner. Then, vacuum behind the fridge and the fridge coils too. Some models have them located in the back, while others have them at the front. If you need help getting to them, ask your Atlanta house cleaning service to do it for you.

3. Clean Gutters

Love it or hate it, you’ll need to get to the gutters before they get to you. Make sure they’re free of debris and blockages before a winter storm hits. You don’t want extra moisture flowing into your attic and walls and create bigger problems.

4. Organize the Laundry Room

One of the great things about winter is the opportunity to finally do the things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t found the time. Organizing the laundry room is one of them! You can usually find storage bins and organizers on sale this time of year. 

5. Change the Filter

It’s one of those no-brainer things we often forget, but it’s oh-so-important! And because indoor air quality is often worse than outdoors, it’s even more important to do in the wintertime. Buy good quality air filters and change them often for the best performance.

6. Plan for Spring Gardening

If you’re snowed in and every last inch of your house is already clean, you can always plan your garden for spring. There’s plenty of time to scroll through seed catalogs and order what you want, then plot out your garden map and start dreaming. Spring will be around the corner before you know it!

Keeping Things Delightful During “Frightful” Winter Weather

The winter season after the holidays may seem gloomy for many people, but you can chase those blues away by keeping your home happy and healthy. If you need assistance getting there, our team at Amazon Cleaning can help! Our top notch Atlanta house cleaning services will keep your home in tip top shape during chilly and dark winter days. Give us a call for more details. Happy New Year!


15 Things You Should NEVER Put in Your Dishwasher

A dishwasher might be one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. While many people choose to hand-wash their dishes, it can be time-consuming and might lead to a lot of wasted water. Furthermore, most dishwashers nowadays can efficiently and effectively clean large loads. Whether you live by yourself or you have a large family to clean up after, using a dishwasher can be a lifesaver!

Atlanta House Cleaning Services

Utilizing a dishwasher, cleaning your kitchen, and making sure your whole home stays tidy goes a long way for your happiness and satisfaction with your home. However, it can be very difficult to stay ahead of the game when it comes to house cleaning. If you’re looking for Atlanta house cleaning services, then Amazon Cleaning is here for you! We are proud to offer house cleaning services Atlanta residents can trust and depend on. Located in Smyrna, we also provide service to Marietta, Mableton, and the Greater Atlanta area.

While using your dishwasher can be very beneficial, it’s important to use it correctly. If you put the wrong items in your dishwasher, it can mean a big mess in your home or even a broken dishwasher. Take a look at 15 things you should never put into your dishwasher:

Copper items

They lose their shine over time.

Aluminum cookware

The hot water can stain the cookware.

Nonstick skillets

These can wear faster from a dishwasher and lose their nonstick properties.

Fine China

Chipping or fading can occur from dishwasher use.

Pressure cooker lids

The ripper seal can get damaged, potentially requiring you to replace your entire pressure cooker.

Wooden utensils and cutting boards

These can get cracked and dried out.

Sharp knives

The dishwasher can make them dull very quickly.

Cast iron

This can cause rust and remove the nonstick quality.


Things like hand-blown glass and figurines are often damaged in a dishwasher.

Brass or bronze

Anything made of brass or bronze can become discolored.

Many plastic items

The heat can warp and melt plastic items, even if they’re placed on the top rack.

Insulated items

The high temperatures can damage the vacuum seal.

Measuring cups with prints

Over time, the measurement prints can wear and become unreadable, making your measuring cups just regular cups!

Items with paper labels you want to maintain

Paper, of course, will disintegrate or fade in the hot water of a dishwasher.

Milk glasses

Although technically clean, you may find your glasses have become discolored and maintain a constant milky-glaze.

By making sure you never put these items in your dishwasher, you’ll ensure top-performance of your precious system, including less harm to your dishes, cookware, utensils, and more. Not only can damaging these items mean wasted money, it can also mean harm to your dishwasher.

Trusted Atlanta Maid Service

For Atlanta house cleaning service, Amazon Cleaning is always here for you. We’ll make sure your home is tidy and spotless! Check out some reasons why Atlanta residents choose us:

  • We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • A+ rating on BBB
  • No contracts required
  • Easy booking options
  • Full-time quality auditor to ensure high standards
  • Many 5-star reviews
  • The same 2 person team per job

For the home cleaning services Atlanta residents can count on, Amazon Cleaning is the company to call. Make an appointment today!