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10 Ways to Organize Your Laundry Space

Laundry rooms are usually small spaces that can easily get cluttered rapidly especially if you have a larger family. Keeping this room organized is a good way to make laundry time an efficient and easy task instead of a chore. Follow some of these tips to help keep this often overlooked room clean and tidy.

• Using a drying rack hung from the ceiling is an excellent and creative way to use dead space. It is perfect for drying delicates and hand washed items while remaining inconspicuously out of the way.

• Empty corners are ideal to add some shelving. Since these rooms are so small any space that is vacant should be utilized. The shelving can hold detergents and other supplies.

• If your laundry room does not have a door, you might consider using a curtain rod and curtains to separate it from your living space. This will keep your washer and dryer hidden from view.

• If you have the space to add a folding table, it can be useful for a larger family. An option would be to use counter top material. Also, adding the function of folding up makes this addition more useful.

• Use furniture from around the house to add storage space. An extra book shelf that fits in the laundry room is an idea that might work. Since it is a seldom seen room don’t worry that it may not seem like a wise decorative decision.

• Back of the doors in your laundry room are a spot that is often overlooked. Storage solutions that were made for closets are a great option. Over-the-door shoe storage for small supplies or simple hooks mounted would provide some extra space to hang hangers for drying hand-washed items or small bottles and cleaning supplies.

• Existing cabinets can be upgraded with pull out baskets. There are a multitude of options for this. Since these cabinets are often not utilized well, the addition of baskets will make them much more useful.

• Hanging wire racks on walls are a good option for storage. This can be useful for dryer sheets and stray articles of clothing. Hooks are useful for drying lingerie and delicates.

•  After you have your shelving installed, use baskets and jars to further organize. In addition to storage, decorative items such as framed photos can accentuate the style of the baskets and containers.

• Some models of washers and dryers have options to add a pedestal drawer. This is not available on all models, but if you have them they will come in handy for adding extra storage. in addition to more storage, the drawer also elevates the washer and dryer so it is easy to access.

Following some of these tips will get your laundry room organized and manageable. Keeping the laundry room clean after you implement these tips will be much easier as you do not have to navigate messy piles of clothes. Using an Atlanta house cleaning service is an excellent maintenance step that will keep all the rooms in your home clean and clutter free. Call to schedule an appointment with Amazon cleaning, and you are sure to be pleased with the results.

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How to Organize a Perfect Pantry

Have you recently opened your pantry and struggled to find the items you were looking for? Do items go bad before they get used because they get buried or hidden in your pantry? Do you fail to buy items at the grocery store because you didn’t know they were gone and then have to run out at the last minute to buy them? If so, your pantry may need to be organized. Organizing your pantry can help to solve all of these issues. Here are a few tips that you should follow to help make your unorganized pantry a perfectly organized one.

Remove Everything From the Pantry

The first step to organizing your pantry is to remove everything from the pantry. Throw away or donate any food items that your family does not eat or doesn’t like. Then throw away any items that are stale, old or expired. Once the shelves in your pantry are bare, take the time to thoroughly vacuum away food particles and wipe the shelves down.

Buy the Right Storage Tools

The next step in organizing your pantry is to purchase the right storage tools. The tools you will need vary based on the items you store in the pantry, the amount of space in your pantry and the shape of the pantry. Some people like over the door organizers, some purchase holders to store spices and others purchase canisters and containers to store cereal, sugar, flour and pasta. Buying the right tools for your space helps to keep your pantry organized.

Create an Organizational System

After buying the right storage tools, create an organizational system in your pantry that makes sense for you. Most people group like items together, such as creating one space for canned and jarred fruits and vegetables, one space for snacks and one for baking goods. From there, some people alphabetize items on the shelf, some color code it and others create their own organizational system. Always create a system that makes sense for you and helps you to find the items you need.

Place Older Food To the Front

The last tip to help you perfectly organize your pantry is to store food that has been opened and/or has the oldest dates at the front of the shelves. This helps to ensure these items get used and eaten first, minimizing the amount of waste.

There are many benefits associated with having an organized pantry. It helps you to find the items you need, makes it faster to create a grocery shopping list and minimizes the amount of food that goes to waste. The tips above can help you to organize your pantry. However, not everyone has the time to organize or clean out their pantry. If you want an organized pantry but don’t have the time, a cleaning service may be beneficial for you. Contact Amazon Cleaning today for a free consultation and let us help you get your home and your pantry organized.

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10 Efficient Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Having a well organized kitchen doesn’t require a huge investment of time or resources. When everything is neatly in its place preparing meals becomes a breeze. The benefits of an organized kitchen include increased efficiency and less upkeep. Appliances, utensils and food products will always be where they are supposed to be and the days of spending time guessing where you last saw the blender are over. With a little thought and implementation, you can have your kitchen organized in no time. Here are some extremely easy tips to help get your kitchen in order.

• Sorting utensils by their types and uses is a simple way to increase efficiency and decrease clutter. Simple jars can be used as dividers for things like spatulas and tongs eliminating unwieldy draws full of utensils.

• Risers are a great way to use dead space in cabinets. Bakeware that takes up huge amounts of space will fit easily with plates and food storage containers.

• Wicker baskets are another way to deal with overflow items like towels. Once space in drawers and cabinets is full using baskets is beneficial to maintain order.

• There are options available in the market for drawer and cabinet organizers that are adjustable. Storage lids and containers can quickly become a pain to deal with. Using these dedicated dividers will make after meals organization much easier.

• Dedicate a cabinet to measuring tools. Nothing is worse than drawers overflowing with your measuring implements when you are in the middle of baking. Try using cork board on the back side of your baking cabinet door to hang measuring cups and spoons.

• If you have tall and narrow cabinet space, don’t be afraid to use multiple organizing options. If done right, hooks, dividers and caddys can all be used in a single space. This is one of the ultimate ways to maximize space and keep good organizational flow.

• Lazy susans are one way to use deep pantry and cabinet space while getting rid of clutter. Spices, sauces and beans can find a home in these spinning organizers and will keep smaller similar food items together.

• Keep all your frozen food and freezer left overs labeled. This is a big step in efficiency and minimizing waste. Keeping the labels facing outwards adds another handy level of organization.

• Command Hooks are another option to hang clunky pans from unused walls. These specialized hooks are a perfect way to store weighty pots and pans and free up under counter space.

• Look for wasted space like next to cabinets. These can be creatively used with a rack to hold cookbooks and magazines.

A well organized kitchen shouldn’t be underestimated. This room is one of the most heavily used rooms in the house and having everything in its place will make mealtime a pleasure. Atlanta Maid Service will keep your newly organized kitchen sparkling clean and ready for service.

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Five Surprising Benefits of a Clean Home

Cleaning your home may not be high on your want-to-do list, but having a clean home should be a high priority. Dust and dirt are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, and can exacerbate asthma and other health problems as well as increase the likelihood of greater complications such as mold, mildew, and even household pests such as stinkbugs, springtails, and odorous house ants, all common here in the south. Not only does a clean environment help to keep your family healthier, it also has some surprising benefits. Here are five ways a clean home can impact your life for the better.

  1. A clean home reduces the risk of injury. Having a place for everything, and everything in its place, means no toys strewn over the floor, no sharp knives perched precariously on the counter’s edge, and walkways you can actually walk through. Especially for small children and the elderly, a tidy home is a safer home.
  2. Having a clean home can save you money in multiple ways. When your home is clean and tidy, you know where things are, so you can find them when you need them, rather than rush out and buy yet another package of cellophane tape. Not only that, but when your home feels clean, you are more likely to want to spend time there, rather than go out and spend money shopping, dining out, or even just getting coffee to escape the stress of your messy home.
  3. Your house and belongings will last longer. Normal wear and tear happens. But regular cleaning, and occasional deep cleaning, such as that provided by an Atlanta house cleaning service, extends the life of everything from the paint on your walls to the carpet under your feet. Woodwork benefits from being cleaned and polished, especially wood around windows which are regularly exposed to temperature shifts and moisture (it’s pretty humid down here, after all). Vacuuming furniture keeps dust, dander, and debris from building up, so the fabric doesn’t get stained and worn as quickly. Electronics are less likely to overheat or otherwise malfunction when they are clean and free of dust.
  4. You will feel more confident when your home is clean. A clean home is means no scrambling to prepare for guests, and no embarrassment when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. Not only that, but you will feel more capable and productive overall.
  5. When your home is clean, you feel refreshed, and your mood and attitude improve. A less-stressed you is a calmer, happier, nicer you. Your attitude carries over to your interactions with friends and family, and impacts the moods and attitudes of those around you; when everyone is feeling calmer and happier, relationships are enhanced and improved.

Having a clean home means more than just not having to look at the dust and cobwebs in the corners. A clean home yields immediate, tangible results in all areas of your life, from your physical health to your mental health, your wallet, and even your relationships.  What are you waiting for? Break out those rubber gloves, or break out the phone book and get help from a professional Atlanta maid service, and start seeing the benefits today.

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How To Keep A Clean House When You Work Overtime

Let’s take a quick look at today’s workplace adversities: we’re all stuck at the office for way too long. With extra long workweeks, we’re all exhausted, especially when we don’t get weekends off. In some cases, people can go weeks without a day off. Everything is just too expensive, and upkeep is insane. When you want to keep your house clean, even during those stressful weeks, refer back to this list.


Dishes are Disastrous


The biggest mistake you can do is go to bed without doing the dishes. Even if there’s a single cup, it’s better to wake up to an empty, clean sink. It sets the tone for the day. If you’re working late and you children are home without you during the day, incorporate this into their minds as well. Kitchens look twice as tidy when the dishes are kept properly.


Ten Minute Sweeps


The house tends to look messy with clutter, and it feels like you can’t get away from it. One ten minute block per day can change all of that. Start in one room, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, or your living room. Move everything (within reason) to the center of the room, sweep from the corners to the edge of the room. Replace the items in their rightful space, and clean the center of the room. Walking through the house knowing that you’ve cleaned beneath all the furniture, and that you’ve put everything back in a neat fashion at the same time, can save your sanity when the house feels like it’s gone too far.


Invest In Shelves


Clutter is a beast; if you get some nice shelves installed in common areas, you can alleviate much of the clutter from the floor and on surfaces, giving you a cleaner look. Sometimes, the house is clean, but it doesn’t appear that way because we use too much surface space, whether it’s on an end table or the dining table. Clear the surfaces, get rid of old junk, and the things that you like/need, put them up on a shelf.


Incite a No-Shoes Rule


If you’re not having your children (or spouse) leave their shoes at the threshold, you’re going to see your carpets get fairly dingy in a short amount of time. Avoid hiring the steamers; simple vacuuming can do, but you need to stop the problem at the source for maximum efficiency. You’ll spend less time sweeping and vacuuming, and more time relaxing.


Hire a Maid Service


Back in the day, maids used to be expensive; only rich families could hire a maid. Now, you can hire an Atlanta maid service to handle every need imaginable. You’re working overtime just to survive; shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your home when you come home at night? Contact us today for a free quote.

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You’ve Been Cleaning These 3 Areas of Your House Wrong  

Having an Atlanta house cleaning service around comes in handy during the holidays. But what can you do to keep your home smelling nice and spiffy in between those crucial visits? Believe it or not, the answer is not as obvious as it seems. You may be cleaning your house wrong all along! Let’s look at three important areas in the home that suffer the most from improper cleaning habits and what you can do to change them.

Area of Suspect #1: The Bathroom

Not many things in life can compete with a nice hot shower, so of course, you’ll want your bathroom to stay fresh during and after your Atlanta house cleaning! A very common mistake people make is to leave their bathmat and towels on the floor and the shower curtain open. The problem with this is the folds hold onto moisture that attracts bacteria and mold, so always close your curtain and hang everything up! For touch-ups on glass and mirrors, you won’t need a special cleaning solution, either, as microfiber cloths and a little water are all that’s really necessary to shine it up.

Problem Area #2: The Kitchen

It’s important to remember the amount of cleaner you’re using for a work area, especially in the kitchen. Applying more cleaning solution doesn’t give you more cleaning power, as it only increases the surface area you can clean with. While you’re cleaning laminate floors, make sure to change out the water bucket when it gets dirty! And to achieve that sparking floor effect, drying it with a dry mop is the key. You can also use a dry towel by hand to buff just like an Atlanta maid service until they can pick up where you left off!

Culprit Area #3: The Bedroom

One of the biggest culprits for dust catchers are bedrooms, and for this reason, many homeowners vacuum their entire homes every day. But if this is you, you might be overworking yourself. Many cleaning experts agree that focusing on vacuuming high traffic areas alone is sufficient to maintain daily dust and dirt. Rooms that are not typically used such as guest bedrooms need only to be vacuumed once per week. Doormats are also helpful in keeping dirt in its place. Make sure to shake them out periodically!

A common ‘dirt magnet’ in bedrooms is the very thing you put your face on every night – pillows. And the buildup of sweat and skin cells can be quite nasty! Give them a lift by throwing them in the washer and a thorough drying in the dryer. Any moisture left behind can collect mold, so test its dryness by inhaling into the pillow.

We hope this information is helpful in maintaining a clean home in between your Atlanta house cleaning services. Don’t have a house cleaning service yet? Call our friendly staff at Amazon Cleaning! We serve several areas in Atlanta, including Smyrna, Mableton, and Marietta.


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What’s Living In Your Carpet?

Nobody wants to talk about it, but it’s a subject that has to be aired out once in awhile: what’s living inside your carpet right now? There’s a bunch of harmful bacteria, but there’s also dead skin cells, pollen, pet dander, and a bunch of other stuff.


Keeping Your Carpets Clean


Nobody is going to whip out the Rug Doctor every single day, even though we actually should. Carpets play host to a lot of bacteria, and it’s a constant factor to every time you get sick, whenever you feel fuzzy-headed, and if your pets fall ill. So how are you going to keep them clean? Keep your shoes at the door, vacuum every day, and shampoo your carpet at least once a week?


Allergens Lurk Everywhere


Allergies measure differently on a scale of severity. Some people may only be suffering every now and again, but those of us (you know who you are) who have severe allergies, really shouldn’t be breathing in all the stuff from our carpet on a daily basis. It can lower your quality of life, which is why it’s doubly important to clean your carpets regularly. Those with hardwood floors endure the same issues, but they are easier to manage when you can see everything.


A Bed For Bugs


Your rug, clean or otherwise, is a habitat for bugs and parasites to live in. On a hardwood surface, they’re less likely to survive and thrive. Those with carpet throughout their home are much more like to need constant pest control maintaining their property, sometimes on a monthly basis. Take the preventative measures, because if you don’t, the problem is much harder to get rid of once it has a foothold in your home.


So What’s In The Carpet?


You’re not going to like this, but 75% of your own biological compounds are in those carpets, and they’re making up bacteria and dust. You’re shedding skin, breathing it back in, and causing a slow burning respiratory problem over time. When you can’t consistently breathe clean air, your lungs sit at a certain threshold of efficiency. Apart from that, many carpets still have chemicals in them that were preserving their shape and softness when they were on the racks of the warehouse. If you’ve ever had new carpets installed, then you know that smell the first three days that the carpet has been laid. It’s not good.


Hiring an Atlanta house cleaning service is a surefire way to ensure that, apart from your own efforts, your home is at its cleanest point, and free from potential respiratory irritants and allergens. You should be able to walk barefoot across your carpet without it feeling stiff or unmovable. Get a quick customized quote today from Amazon Cleaning, the best Atlanta house cleaning service.

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20 Things That Will Make Your Bathroom the Cleanest It’s Ever Been

Looking for a few tricks and tips to get your bathroom super clean? Check out these 20

remedies that just might do the job!


  1. Vinegar Trick

Fill a Ziploc with white distilled vinegar and secure it around your shower head. The shine will amaze you.


  1. Hard Wash on the Bathmats

Bathmats get pretty gross sometimes. From toilet water spurting out of the toilet, to the fact that it’s in a bathroom. Toss them in the wash.


  1. Dusting Time!

We all ignore the fan in our bathroom because there’s a vent on it. Take a moment to do a deep cleaning. It will clear the air quicker, and be cleaner.


  1. Swiffer the Ceiling (And Walls)

When you want everything to be absolutely sterling, you need to get a top-quality Swiffer and dust/wash those walls and the ceiling.


  1. Hit the Lights

Well, hit them with a rag. Clean the lights from top to bottom, and you’ll notice a brighter shine. Bonus: you’ll save energy. The lights shine brighter, and you can get away with one or two less bulbs in that vanity without compromising on visibility.


  1. Drain Snake

Hair gets stuck in the drain of your sink and tub. It just happens. Snake it, remove it, and enjoy a quicker drain, and a sense of cleanliness.


  1. Lime Be Gone!

Around the edges of your shower grip and fixtures, grime builds up. It just does. Hot water, dirt, evaporation—it’s a mess. Use some calcium and limestone buildup removers to make them sparkle, and eliminate those nasty edges in the process.


  1. Clean Under the Rim

Most people don’t clean toilets properly. When you’re going to clean your toilet, be sure to scrub under the rim properly. This is where the waterjets spray to bring down waste, so you need to keep them clean and ready.


  1. Remove the Seat

It’s a job for single-use gloves. Take off your toilet seat, and bleach/scrub the seat, and the area where it was. You’ll be shocked, that’s all we’ll say.

  1. Cleaning the Tank

Drop in denture tablets and let them do their work overnight—it’s insane how clean the toilet tank will be.


  1. Soap Scum Vanishes

Use chemicals that are designed for glass cooktop stoves, but use them on your shower door. No, the shower door wasn’t designed to be foggy.


  1. Vinegar Is Magic

Vinegar also works at removing soap scum from around your faucets. Dredge it in some white distilled vinegar, return ten minutes later. Like a magic trick.


  1. Shine All Things Silver

Believe it or not, baby oil is like a wax. Use it sparingly, but you’ll get that clean-feeling shine to your faucets and showerhead.


  1. Cream of Tartar

Not only does cream of tartar remove the burn stain from the bottom of your frying pans (you’re welcome), but it also removes rust stains from the edges of your faucet.


  1. Declutter Your Vanity

We all have half-used tubes of toothpaste and other things in our cabinet that we don’t use anymore. We know it’s painful, but declutter and toss out stuff you don’t need.


  1. Cabinets Get Grimy

Your wooden cabinet doors and the space between those doors and the countertop, well, they get pretty nasty. Toothbrush, vinegar—you’ve done it.


  1. Jewelry Cleaner Brings Back the Shine

Remove the hardware from your cabinets, soak them in jewelry cleaner. You’ll be stunned.


  1. Your Grout Was White

All grout gets overlooked. It’s okay, people do it all the time. Bleach gel and a hard brush—it’s like new.


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Don’t like using bleach? Hydrogen peroxide is amazing at cleaning. Drop it around the edges of the room and in your grout. You can thank us later.


  1. Mop Last

Don’t mop yourself into a corner. Mop outward, close the door, and let it stay shiny.


The Best Home Cleaning Services Atlanta Has to Offer


As always, Amazon Cleaning is your number one maid service in all of Atlanta, GA. When you have a stressful day and just want to come home to a clean house and relax, you know who to call.


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Cleaning Staples: What To Have In Your Home At All Times

Whether you are a lifelong neat freak or a newly reformed slob, it is always easier to keep your house clean if you have the right cleaning supplies. Of course, people usually keep their cleaning supplies hidden. Therefore, it isn’t always obvious which supplies play a role in keeping the cleanest houses looking the way they do. Therefore, some cleaning experts from an Atlanta house cleaning service weighed in on tools and supplies that help them clean more effectively and efficiently.


Cleaning Supplies Can’t Do It by Themselves


Anyone who has seen The Sorcerer’s Apprentice wishes that such a magic spell were possible in real life. In the cartoon, Mickey Mouse casts a magic spell that animates brooms, which he then commands do his chores for him. If you insist on doing all your cleaning by yourself, the most important thing is to schedule some time each week that is just for cleaning. In fact, this is a good idea even if you hire a professional cleaner for occasional deep cleaning services. You house doesn’t go from neat to messy overnight. Making time to clean each week can do a lot to keep the mess from getting disastrous. So can having the right cleaning supplies. Here are some cleaning staples to keep on hand:


Disposable Cleaning Gloves


Disposable gloves are very inexpensive. They can also make it a lot more bearable to do dirt jobs that you dread. If you hate how dirty your hands get when you clean the bathtub or sink, just put on some gloves.


Heavy Duty Cleaning Gloves


Disposable gloves are great for the dirtiest jobs, but for some other jobs, heavy duty cleaning gloves are better. When you clean with bleach, no matter how much you dilute it, it still irritates your hands. Heavy duty, reusable cleaning gloves will protect your hands. They are thicker than disposable gloves, so they offer more protection from harsh cleaning chemicals. Besides, they don’t actually get dirty, since you just use them with bleach. There is no need to throw them away, because they will not contaminate your next cleaning project.


Easy to Maneuver Vacuum Cleaner


Those 1950s style upright vacuum cleaners are easier than just cleaning the floor by hand, but they are still annoying. In fact, a vacuum cleaner mishap during a job as a hotel janitor in the United States was what prompted Bob Marley to move back to Jamaica and pursue a music career. It’s easier to use a small vacuum cleaner that is low to the ground, and where the removable bag is all the way on the inside. It is even better if it is easy to change the nozzles. You will need a wide nozzle for large, open floors and a narrow one for corners.


When your house really needs to be sparkling clean, the best solution is to hire

professional house cleaners. When you are cleaning on your own, the right tools and

supplies can be a big help.

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Do You Make These 5 Cleaning Mistakes?

Some people really enjoy cleaning, but most consider it an unpleasant task. Unless you have a strategic plan for a cleaning project, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. How many times have you spent one weekend afternoon organizing a room and planned to continue working on it the next week, but then not gotten around to it? If your house is really messy, it is a good idea to have an Atlanta house cleaning service professionally clean your house at least once. If you get your house professionally deep cleaned once every few months, it can be much easier to keep it acceptably clean in between professional cleanings. Even naturally messy people can improve their home cleanliness habits by adopting a few simple practices. Here are five mistakes to avoid, because they make your house get very messy very quickly:


1. Letting Mail Pile Up


It is very easy to say that you will sort through today’s mail later. Within a few weeks, though, it can pile up on the dining room table so much that there is hardly any room to sit and eat. The best thing to do is to sort through the mail as soon as you get it. Pay any bills you receive immediately – send a partial payment if you cannot afford to pay them in full.) Throw away any mail you don’t absolutely need to keep. Put everything else in one mail drawer. When it gets full (or the day before your professional deep cleaning), sort through it and throw most items away.

2. Not Putting Away Things You Buy


As soon as you buy something, assign a place to it. Put all the groceries in their places as soon as you come home from the supermarket. When you buy a new clothing item, find a new place for it in the closet. If you don’t, it will pile up in shopping bags on the floor.

3. Leaving Windows Open


Leaving the windows open when the weather is mild is quite pleasant. It does, however, let more dust and pollen get inside your house. Close the windows when you are not home to prevent your house from gathering dust and other unwanted allergens.

4. Attracting Insects


If you leave food items out, insects will eventually notice them. To avoid insects and for food safety reasons, you should keep snack items sealed in airtight containers and store them in your kitchen.


5. Folding Laundry Promptly


The best time to fold your laundry and put it away is as soon as it comes out of the dryer. It is very easy for one load of unfolded laundry to turn into ten if you are not careful. If it requires ironing, put it on the ironing board in the middle of the living room so that you cannot forget to iron it.


For many people, hiring a cleaning service for occasional deep cleaning is the best option. Amazon Cleaning offers one-time deep cleanings, as well as regularly scheduled cleanings.