Cleaning with Indoor Pets? No Problem! Here’s How We Can Help!

We understand that having furry friends around can add a layer of complexity to cleaning. But fear not, pet owners! At Amazon Cleaning, we’re experienced in working with households that have indoor companions.

Here’s how we ensure a smooth cleaning experience for everyone:

  • Pet-Friendly Crew Matching: We take your pet’s temperament into account when assigning a cleaning crew. If you have a shy cat or a playful pup, we’ll match you with cleaners who are comfortable and experienced working around animals.
  • Pre-Cleaning Communication: Before your cleaning day, we’ll ask detailed questions about your pets. This helps us plan accordingly and ensures your crew knows how best to interact with them (or avoid them altogether!).
  • Keeping Your Pets Safe: We prioritize the safety of both your pets and our cleaning crew. Let us know about any special needs your pets might have, and we’ll work around them. For pets who are less social with strangers, we recommend keeping them in a separate room or secured area during the cleaning process.
  • Peace of Mind with Pet Care Supplies: Our cleaners come prepared! We can use pet-safe cleaning products upon request, minimizing any potential risks to your furry friends.