15 Things You Should NEVER Put in Your Dishwasher

A dishwasher might be one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. While many people choose to hand-wash their dishes, it can be time-consuming and might lead to a lot of wasted water. Furthermore, most dishwashers nowadays can efficiently and effectively clean large loads. Whether you live by yourself or you have a large family to clean up after, using a dishwasher can be a lifesaver!

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While using your dishwasher can be very beneficial, it’s important to use it correctly. If you put the wrong items in your dishwasher, it can mean a big mess in your home or even a broken dishwasher. Take a look at 15 things you should never put into your dishwasher:

Copper items

They lose their shine over time.

Aluminum cookware

The hot water can stain the cookware.

Nonstick skillets

These can wear faster from a dishwasher and lose their nonstick properties.

Fine China

Chipping or fading can occur from dishwasher use.

Pressure cooker lids

The ripper seal can get damaged, potentially requiring you to replace your entire pressure cooker.

Wooden utensils and cutting boards

These can get cracked and dried out.

Sharp knives

The dishwasher can make them dull very quickly.

Cast iron

This can cause rust and remove the nonstick quality.


Things like hand-blown glass and figurines are often damaged in a dishwasher.

Brass or bronze

Anything made of brass or bronze can become discolored.

Many plastic items

The heat can warp and melt plastic items, even if they’re placed on the top rack.

Insulated items

The high temperatures can damage the vacuum seal.

Measuring cups with prints

Over time, the measurement prints can wear and become unreadable, making your measuring cups just regular cups!

Items with paper labels you want to maintain

Paper, of course, will disintegrate or fade in the hot water of a dishwasher.

Milk glasses

Although technically clean, you may find your glasses have become discolored and maintain a constant milky-glaze.

By making sure you never put these items in your dishwasher, you’ll ensure top-performance of your precious system, including less harm to your dishes, cookware, utensils, and more. Not only can damaging these items mean wasted money, it can also mean harm to your dishwasher.

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Organized Kitchen

10 Efficient Tips for an Organized Kitchen

Having a well organized kitchen doesn’t require a huge investment of time or resources. When everything is neatly in its place preparing meals becomes a breeze. The benefits of an organized kitchen include increased efficiency and less upkeep. Appliances, utensils and food products will always be where they are supposed to be and the days of spending time guessing where you last saw the blender are over. With a little thought and implementation, you can have your kitchen organized in no time. Here are some extremely easy tips to help get your kitchen in order:

• Sorting utensils by their types and uses is a simple way to increase efficiency and decrease clutter. Simple jars can be used as dividers for things like spatulas and tongs eliminating unwieldy draws full of utensils.

• Risers are a great way to use dead space in cabinets. Bakeware that takes up huge amounts of space will fit easily with plates and food storage containers.

• Wicker baskets are another way to deal with overflow items like towels. Once space in drawers and cabinets is full using baskets is beneficial to maintain order.

• There are options available in the market for drawer and cabinet organizers that are adjustable. Storage lids and containers can quickly become a pain to deal with. Using these dedicated dividers will make after meals organization much easier.

• Dedicate a cabinet to measuring tools. Nothing is worse than drawers overflowing with your measuring implements when you are in the middle of baking. Try using cork board on the back side of your baking cabinet door to hang measuring cups and spoons.

• If you have tall and narrow cabinet space, don’t be afraid to use multiple organizing options. If done right, hooks, dividers and caddys can all be used in a single space. This is one of the ultimate ways to maximize space and keep good organizational flow.

• Lazy susans are one way to use deep pantry and cabinet space while getting rid of clutter. Spices, sauces and beans can find a home in these spinning organizers and will keep smaller similar food items together.

• Keep all your frozen food and freezer left overs labeled. This is a big step in efficiency and minimizing waste. Keeping the labels facing outwards adds another handy level of organization.

• Command Hooks are another option to hang clunky pans from unused walls. These specialized hooks are a perfect way to store weighty pots and pans and free up under counter space.

• Look for wasted space like next to cabinets. These can be creatively used with a rack to hold cookbooks and magazines.

A well organized kitchen shouldn’t be underestimated. This room is one of the most heavily used rooms in the house and having everything in its place will make mealtime a pleasure. An Atlanta maid service like Amazon Cleaning will keep your newly organized kitchen sparkling clean and ready for service.