Secure and Reliable Home Access

Amazon Cleaning has recently released a safe and secure access program available to all existing clients. In order to provide the highest level of service, the company requires secure and reliable access so that crews are able to focus on quality and not speed for each visit. What is unique about the company is that they have actually invested capital to save valued clients from having to do so. To date, a little over $10,000 has been invested in safe and secure home access solutions by Amazon Cleaning. The program continues to do very well and is an example of the level of commitment Amazon Cleaning continues to apply within the Atlanta Maid Service market. In fact a number of valued clients have received at cost, the free leased equipment.

In order to provide the best quality of service, crews do require the flexibility to focus on quality rather than speed. In addition, each client has the opportunity to add in additional services per request such as interior oven, interior fridge, interior windows, basement and/or guest bedrooms. The system that is practiced is a trade off, by allowing each client the flexibility to add/or remove various areas per visit, a higher level of service can be provided. However, the trade off is non-exact arrival times. With the exception of the first of the day visit at 8AM, non-exact arrival times are not able to be provided. The primary reason for this is the quality vs. speed principle. Either one can be achieved but not both. Amazon Cleaning continues to place bets on the quality aspect and invest in safe and secure access to help with the rest.

Additional benefits of Amazon Cleaning are the 24 hour service guarantee, the same 2 person team per visit along with no contracts required.