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Do You Make These 5 Cleaning Mistakes?

Some people really enjoy cleaning, but most consider it an unpleasant task. Unless you have a strategic plan for a cleaning project, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. How many times have you spent one weekend afternoon organizing a room and planned to continue working on it the next week, but then not gotten around to it? If your house is really messy, it is a good idea to have an Atlanta house cleaning service professionally clean your house at least once. If you get your house professionally deep cleaned once every few months, it can be much easier to keep it acceptably clean in between professional cleanings. Even naturally messy people can improve their home cleanliness habits by adopting a few simple practices. Here are five mistakes to avoid, because they make your house get very messy very quickly:


1. Letting Mail Pile Up


It is very easy to say that you will sort through today’s mail later. Within a few weeks, though, it can pile up on the dining room table so much that there is hardly any room to sit and eat. The best thing to do is to sort through the mail as soon as you get it. Pay any bills you receive immediately – send a partial payment if you cannot afford to pay them in full.) Throw away any mail you don’t absolutely need to keep. Put everything else in one mail drawer. When it gets full (or the day before your professional deep cleaning), sort through it and throw most items away.

2. Not Putting Away Things You Buy


As soon as you buy something, assign a place to it. Put all the groceries in their places as soon as you come home from the supermarket. When you buy a new clothing item, find a new place for it in the closet. If you don’t, it will pile up in shopping bags on the floor.

3. Leaving Windows Open


Leaving the windows open when the weather is mild is quite pleasant. It does, however, let more dust and pollen get inside your house. Close the windows when you are not home to prevent your house from gathering dust and other unwanted allergens.

4. Attracting Insects


If you leave food items out, insects will eventually notice them. To avoid insects and for food safety reasons, you should keep snack items sealed in airtight containers and store them in your kitchen.


5. Folding Laundry Promptly


The best time to fold your laundry and put it away is as soon as it comes out of the dryer. It is very easy for one load of unfolded laundry to turn into ten if you are not careful. If it requires ironing, put it on the ironing board in the middle of the living room so that you cannot forget to iron it.


For many people, hiring a cleaning service for occasional deep cleaning is the best option. Amazon Cleaning offers one-time deep cleanings, as well as regularly scheduled cleanings.

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