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How To Keep A Clean House When You Work Overtime

Let’s take a quick look at today’s workplace adversities: we’re all stuck at the office for way too long. With extra long workweeks, we’re all exhausted, especially when we don’t get weekends off. In some cases, people can go weeks without a day off. Everything is just too expensive, and upkeep is insane. When you want to keep your house clean, even during those stressful weeks, refer back to this list.


Dishes are Disastrous


The biggest mistake you can do is go to bed without doing the dishes. Even if there’s a single cup, it’s better to wake up to an empty, clean sink. It sets the tone for the day. If you’re working late and you children are home without you during the day, incorporate this into their minds as well. Kitchens look twice as tidy when the dishes are kept properly.


Ten Minute Sweeps


The house tends to look messy with clutter, and it feels like you can’t get away from it. One ten minute block per day can change all of that. Start in one room, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, or your living room. Move everything (within reason) to the center of the room, sweep from the corners to the edge of the room. Replace the items in their rightful space, and clean the center of the room. Walking through the house knowing that you’ve cleaned beneath all the furniture, and that you’ve put everything back in a neat fashion at the same time, can save your sanity when the house feels like it’s gone too far.


Invest In Shelves


Clutter is a beast; if you get some nice shelves installed in common areas, you can alleviate much of the clutter from the floor and on surfaces, giving you a cleaner look. Sometimes, the house is clean, but it doesn’t appear that way because we use too much surface space, whether it’s on an end table or the dining table. Clear the surfaces, get rid of old junk, and the things that you like/need, put them up on a shelf.


Incite a No-Shoes Rule


If you’re not having your children (or spouse) leave their shoes at the threshold, you’re going to see your carpets get fairly dingy in a short amount of time. Avoid hiring the steamers; simple vacuuming can do, but you need to stop the problem at the source for maximum efficiency. You’ll spend less time sweeping and vacuuming, and more time relaxing.


Hire a Maid Service


Back in the day, maids used to be expensive; only rich families could hire a maid. Now, you can hire an Atlanta maid service to handle every need imaginable. You’re working overtime just to survive; shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your home when you come home at night? Contact us today for a free quote.

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