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10 Clever Ways to use Tension Rods for Home Organization

From sports equipment to cleaning supplies, our living spaces are filled with the accessories that make modern life worthwhile. However, organizing all that stuff can be a chore in of itself. Even if you rely on a professional Atlanta maid service, keeping spaces clear of clutter can be a challenge. Here are 10 unique ways to use tension rods to keep up your home organization between house cleaning services.

In the Kitchen

In a well-arranged kitchen, families eat better, save money on convenience, and enjoy home entertaining more than ever. Use these tips to keep your food preparation areas clutter-free.

Home Organization Atlanta Maid Service

1. Take advantage of vertical cupboard space. Place tension rods a few inches apart on cupboard shelves to store cutting boards, baking sheets, and other large cookware conveniently.

2. Use a tension rod across your kitchen window to make an indoor herb garden. Attached hooks allow small planters to hang securely from the rod. Or, take it a step further and create a hanging garden right in your kitchen with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuces.

3. Install a rod under your kitchen sink. Store bottles of cleanser, brushes, and other cleaning tools on it. These also work well to store paper towels out of sight.

4. Convert a drawer into a spice rack. Two horizontal rods let you store spice bottles without taking up precious counter space. Arrange the bottles so that you can easily see the name on each container.


Bedroom and Bathroom

Take your home organization to another level with tension rods in your bedroom, bathroom, and closet spaces.

5. Keep bath toys under control by attaching shower rings to several plastic baskets. Place the baskets onto a tension rod that runs the length of the bathtub.

6. Storing shoes and fashion accessories by placing multiple tension rods in your closet makes getting dressed a breeze. This method works well with high-heels, scarves, and necklaces. Add hooks to store rings and bracelets.

7. Use tension rods to create more closet space. Arrange your clothing with longer and more voluminous pieces at the bottom. Save the higher spaces for baby clothes, crop tops, and smaller garments.

8. Crafty decorators can use tension rods to create a one-of-a-kind storage unit. Drill holes in the center of decorative plates, then place them on a fully extended tension rod. Secure with glue and metal washers. Use your homemade sculpture to display framed pictures, artwork, or knick-knacks.

Other Ways to Use Tension Rods in Home Organization

These tips ensure your home stays comfortable and neat in between visits from your favorite Atlanta maid service.

Home organization Maid Service Atlanta

9. Having a hard time keeping your home office organized? Use tension rods to create spaces for paperwork, ledgers, and thin publications. Simply insert them in unused spaces on desks and bookshelves.

10. Take tension rods into your craft room, woodworking shed, and garage to keep your tools under control. This is a great way to organize corded devices like drills and glue guns.

Tension rods are an easy way to make your spaces more useful. Place them wherever you need a little extra home organization! If you still need a little help keeping your home in tip top shape, give the best Atlanta house cleaning service Amazon Cleaning a call!

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