Common Stains Caused by Kids

Common Stains Caused by Kids and How to Fix Them

If you have children, you know that they can make a mess and leave stains behind no matter how well you watch them. Unfortunately, this means that stains can suddenly appear in your home. Atlanta house cleaning services can help to rid your home of stains and keep it looking great. But sometimes, you may want to clean up a mess quickly or remove a stain between house cleaning appointments. Here are four common stains caused by kids and how you can fix them.

Carpet Stains

Carpeting and children do not go hand-in-hand. Kids can drag mud in on the carpet, spill juice on the carpet or even bleed from an accident on your carpet. Unfortunately, removing stains from carpeting is never easy, as each stain needs to be removed in its own way. If your child has stained your carpet, try to clean it as quickly as possible. Dampen a soft white cloth in cool water and dab at the stain. Do not rub the stain as it will only worsen. You can use vinegar and some dish soap combined with water and then let that soak into the carpet. Continue to dab at the stain until it is lifted from the carpet.

Scuff Marks

Children are not careful when playing with toys. As such, they may bang a toy into the wall or your baseboard, leaving a scuff mark behind. If the paint is peeling or chipped, never attempt to remove the scuff mark, as you may remove paint as well. If the paint is not chipped, grab a water-dampened cloth and simply begin scrubbing. If your walls are white, a Magic Eraser is a great tool to quickly remove stains.

Toilet Stains

When it comes to the toilet, some children may not flush after they go every time or they may miss the bowl. As such, it is not uncommon for the bathroom that a child uses to have a ring on the inside of the toilet or stains at the base of the toilet. The first step is to use a toilet bowl cleaner to attempt to rid the stains. If the stains still won’t lift, a pumice cleaning stick can be used. Be careful not to rub too harshly though, or you could scratch your porcelain toilet bowl.

Grout Stains

The common type of stain caused by children is grout stains. If you have tile in your home, anything a child spills on the grout may be quickly absorbed, including juice or ice cream. The best way to remove stains from grout is to use a soft scrubbing brush and a grout cleaner and to scrub by hand. If that doesn’t lift the stain, home cleaning services Atlanta that offer professional grout cleaning should be contacted.

Kids can be messy and leave your home filled with stains. If you have stains that you can’t lift, or you don’t have the time to constantly clean your home, we can help you! Here at Amazon Cleaning we offer house cleaning services in Atlanta. If you are ready to have your house looking clean again, give us a call today.

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