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15 Foods That Will Change How You Clean


Atlanta Maid Service Cleaning Tips

As homeowners have become more health conscious about the cleaning products they use, it’s good to know there are safe, natural options that actually come from food! Here are 15 professional Atlanta maid service cleaning tips on cleaning products you can use right from your kitchen:

1. Coffee Grounds

cleaning tips food you can clean with

This common daily morning byproduct also happens to be a great cleaner for your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. Simply turn on the disposal and pour the used grounds down the drain with hot water after your cup o’ Joe to keep the drain pipes clear and fresh.

2. Cucumber

What if we told you there is a secret superpower food that wipes crayon marks off walls? Well, there is, and it’s…the outside skin of a cucumber! We’re not sure why it works, but it’s worth a try.

3. Vinegar

cleaning with vinegar

With more than 100 cleaning tips and uses for this abundant and affordable cleaner, it’s no wonder people have been cleaning with vinegar for generations! Dilute it with water or use full strength to clean many different surfaces. Try mixing it with essential oils too!

4. Baking Soda

This cleaning buddy of vinegar is also very versatile. Sprinkle some onto granite countertops and showers and buff with a wet cloth to remove stains and rinse off to get a great shine.

5. Rice

cleaning tips rice

Uncooked rice is a good scrubbing agent for pots and pans and coffee grinders when you don’t want the scent of vinegar. Just mix rice in with water to polish your kitchen tools up.

6. Banana

If you’re looking for a natural way to shine your leather shoes, try rubbing them with the outside of a banana peel. You’ll be surprised at the results and just might go bananas over it!

7. Lemon

cleaning tips cleaning with lemon

A natural source of citric acid, lemons are a well-known standby for multipurpose cleaning. Use the juice as a wipe-on solution, or simply rub the surface with a lemon half. The oils in the skin are also good for cleaning wood furniture.

8. Ketchup

One of the stranger cleaning tips for sure: if you have copper utensils or items around, squirt tomato ketchup on them and wipe off to shine them up. Who knew?

9. Salt

Similar to raw rice, table salt is a good scrubbing agent for pots and pans, especially caked-on cast iron skillets. Sprinkle it on and rub to help save cleaning time without using harsh chemicals.

10. Onions

cleaning tips onions

You probably know that onions taste great grilled outside. But cleaning grills, too? Yep, onions do that. Taking a raw onion sliced in half and rubbing its juice on the grill bars will assist in removing the burnt-on junk. If you have a spare half, leave it out in a room with odors such as a musty basement to deodorize.

11. Walnuts

Need to do a quick touch-up on a piece of scratched wood furniture? A shelled walnut will help save a trip to the hardware store. Just rub the walnut onto the scratches to restore it to its original beauty.

12. Olive Oil

Not only is olive oil good for your skin, it’ll make your stainless steel appliances shine! Add a little to a soft cloth and rub, then wipe off the excess to reveal an amazing reflection.

13. Tea Bags

cleaning tips tea bags

The tannic acid in regular black tea bags is great for a lot of things such as loosening stuck-on food from dishes. The next time you have tea, throw the used tea bags into your dish pan and let it soak for a bit and go to work for you.

14. Mayonnaise

Believe it or not, this food works great at removing those unsightly glass stains on wood furniture. Apply, let sit, and wipe off similar to olive oil and be inspired by the results!

15. Soda Water

If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your car, soda water is for you. Pour on and leave it there for five minutes, then rinse off with a hose to wash away dirt, bird droppings, bugs, and more.

Have you enjoyed the cleaning tips on this blog? Let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback. And if you ever need Atlanta house cleaning services to keep your home spic and span, give us a call at Amazon Cleaning. Have a great day!

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