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Cleaning Staples: What To Have In Your Home At All Times

Whether you are a lifelong neat freak or a newly reformed slob, it is always easier to keep your house clean if you have the right cleaning supplies. Of course, people usually keep their cleaning supplies hidden. Therefore, it isn’t always obvious which supplies play a role in keeping the cleanest houses looking the way they do. Therefore, some cleaning experts from an Atlanta house cleaning service weighed in on tools and supplies that help them clean more effectively and efficiently.


Cleaning Supplies Can’t Do It by Themselves


Anyone who has seen The Sorcerer’s Apprentice wishes that such a magic spell were possible in real life. In the cartoon, Mickey Mouse casts a magic spell that animates brooms, which he then commands do his chores for him. If you insist on doing all your cleaning by yourself, the most important thing is to schedule some time each week that is just for cleaning. In fact, this is a good idea even if you hire a professional cleaner for occasional deep cleaning services. You house doesn’t go from neat to messy overnight. Making time to clean each week can do a lot to keep the mess from getting disastrous. So can having the right cleaning supplies. Here are some cleaning staples to keep on hand:


Disposable Cleaning Gloves


Disposable gloves are very inexpensive. They can also make it a lot more bearable to do dirt jobs that you dread. If you hate how dirty your hands get when you clean the bathtub or sink, just put on some gloves.


Heavy Duty Cleaning Gloves


Disposable gloves are great for the dirtiest jobs, but for some other jobs, heavy duty cleaning gloves are better. When you clean with bleach, no matter how much you dilute it, it still irritates your hands. Heavy duty, reusable cleaning gloves will protect your hands. They are thicker than disposable gloves, so they offer more protection from harsh cleaning chemicals. Besides, they don’t actually get dirty, since you just use them with bleach. There is no need to throw them away, because they will not contaminate your next cleaning project.


Easy to Maneuver Vacuum Cleaner


Those 1950s style upright vacuum cleaners are easier than just cleaning the floor by hand, but they are still annoying. In fact, a vacuum cleaner mishap during a job as a hotel janitor in the United States was what prompted Bob Marley to move back to Jamaica and pursue a music career. It’s easier to use a small vacuum cleaner that is low to the ground, and where the removable bag is all the way on the inside. It is even better if it is easy to change the nozzles. You will need a wide nozzle for large, open floors and a narrow one for corners.


When your house really needs to be sparkling clean, the best solution is to hire

professional house cleaners. When you are cleaning on your own, the right tools and

supplies can be a big help.

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