Closet Organization

3 Easy Closet Organization Hacks

If your closet is cluttered and overcrowded, every morning becomes a chore. You may be unable to see exactly what clothes you have, or you may be unable to find the shirt or shoes you had been planning to wear. If you are looking to make getting ready in the mornings a bit easier, you may want to start by organizing your closet! Here are three easy closet organization hacks that anyone can do.


When you are looking to organize any space in your home, your first step is decluttering, and this is especially true of your closet. Let’s face it: most people have clothing or shoes in their closet that they haven’t worn in over a year and have no intention of wearing anytime soon. If items don’t fit you or haven’t been worn in over a year, it’s time to donate or toss them. This is also a great time to examine your clothing. Do any items have stains, rips, are faded or have lost their shape? If so, it’s time to discard them. Decluttering frees up valuable space to make items more readily accessible to you.

Use Organizational Tools

When you are looking to organize a closet, take your time to look around at various closet organizational tools. Adding in more shelves, use clear storage bins or adding shoe racks can give you a place to store your items while still ensuring that they are easily accessible and available for you to find. Only you know what organizational systems and tools will work for you based on the items in your closet. Shop around before buying to ensure that you have a good feel for all the options available and that you pick the tools that are right for you.

Arrange Your Belongings in a Way That Makes Sense For You

Lastly, organize your closet in a way that makes sense to you. Some people prefer to organize their closet based on color. Some prefer to hang all shirts together, then all pants together and all dresses together. And other people prefer to arrange their clothes based on the season they are worn. There is no right or wrong, but ultimately, you have to create a system you can manage. This makes it easy for you to locate everything you need.

Closet organization can take time. If you are pressed for time, it may take away from some of the other household responsibilities you have, such as cleaning. Fortunately, there are Atlanta house cleaning services that offer one time or routine cleaning services, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your life, such as closet organization. If you are looking for an Atlanta Maid Service, let Amazon Cleaning help you. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning appointment.

Clean Garage

Have a Clean Garage You Can be Proud Of

Are you less-than-satisfied with the state of your garage at this moment? Garages are wonderful in that they provide you with plenty of space for storage, however this can turn into a problem when you throw items there without much thought. Neglecting your garage allows dust to collect and who knows what else? Here are some tips to have a clean garage you’ll love!

Don’t Neglect Your Garage

Most homeowners have a tendency to neglect their garages. If you don’t really use the space, it may not be a big deal to you. However, it can lead to issues later on when it comes time to move or clear up your items to use it for another purpose.

This also can cause a safety hazard, if you stack boxes or various items within taking great care to ensure that they are stable. When organizing your garage, it’s important to have a game plan before you get started. Once you do, it will get rid of much of the hassle and make the process go more quickly.

Purging and Re-Use

You may need to spend a weekend looking over every single item in your garage. Set up bins/boxes for those you will throw out, re-purpose, donate, and keep. You should only be keeping those items that have a use, or that have a strong sentimental value. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used something in the last year, it’s time to toss it. It may seem like a massive task at first, but as you see the piles get smaller you are sure to feel a sense of relief.


Your garage is made for storing items but be careful what you decide to store. Don’t move additional items to your garage that are inside your home. Typically when people store house hold items in their garage they forget about them. They sit collecting dust and taking up space. Carefully decide what should go in your garage, what should be stored inside and what should be throw out altogether.

Now that you’re exhausted from cleaning your garage, let an Atlanta maid service, like Amazon Cleaning help you clean the inside of your home! Rest assured that the team who visits your home is going to do an excellent job from start to finish. We are unique in the fact that we send in the same exact 2 person team to a house every single time. We offer green cleaning at no additional price, perfect if you have concerns about the chemicals that will be around your pets and children. Contact Amazon Cleaning and make a smart choice when it comes to your Atlanta house cleaning today.

Organized Kitchen

10 Efficient Tips for an Organized Kitchen

Having a well organized kitchen doesn’t require a huge investment of time or resources. When everything is neatly in its place preparing meals becomes a breeze. The benefits of an organized kitchen include increased efficiency and less upkeep. Appliances, utensils and food products will always be where they are supposed to be and the days of spending time guessing where you last saw the blender are over. With a little thought and implementation, you can have your kitchen organized in no time. Here are some extremely easy tips to help get your kitchen in order:

• Sorting utensils by their types and uses is a simple way to increase efficiency and decrease clutter. Simple jars can be used as dividers for things like spatulas and tongs eliminating unwieldy draws full of utensils.

• Risers are a great way to use dead space in cabinets. Bakeware that takes up huge amounts of space will fit easily with plates and food storage containers.

• Wicker baskets are another way to deal with overflow items like towels. Once space in drawers and cabinets is full using baskets is beneficial to maintain order.

• There are options available in the market for drawer and cabinet organizers that are adjustable. Storage lids and containers can quickly become a pain to deal with. Using these dedicated dividers will make after meals organization much easier.

• Dedicate a cabinet to measuring tools. Nothing is worse than drawers overflowing with your measuring implements when you are in the middle of baking. Try using cork board on the back side of your baking cabinet door to hang measuring cups and spoons.

• If you have tall and narrow cabinet space, don’t be afraid to use multiple organizing options. If done right, hooks, dividers and caddys can all be used in a single space. This is one of the ultimate ways to maximize space and keep good organizational flow.

• Lazy susans are one way to use deep pantry and cabinet space while getting rid of clutter. Spices, sauces and beans can find a home in these spinning organizers and will keep smaller similar food items together.

• Keep all your frozen food and freezer left overs labeled. This is a big step in efficiency and minimizing waste. Keeping the labels facing outwards adds another handy level of organization.

• Command Hooks are another option to hang clunky pans from unused walls. These specialized hooks are a perfect way to store weighty pots and pans and free up under counter space.

• Look for wasted space like next to cabinets. These can be creatively used with a rack to hold cookbooks and magazines.

A well organized kitchen shouldn’t be underestimated. This room is one of the most heavily used rooms in the house and having everything in its place will make mealtime a pleasure. An Atlanta maid service like Amazon Cleaning will keep your newly organized kitchen sparkling clean and ready for service.

Common Stains Caused by Kids

Common Stains Caused by Kids and How to Fix Them

If you have children, you know that they can make a mess and leave stains behind no matter how well you watch them. Unfortunately, this means that stains can suddenly appear in your home. Atlanta house cleaning services can help to rid your home of stains and keep it looking great. But sometimes, you may want to clean up a mess quickly or remove a stain between house cleaning appointments. Here are four common stains caused by kids and how you can fix them.

Carpet Stains

Carpeting and children do not go hand-in-hand. Kids can drag mud in on the carpet, spill juice on the carpet or even bleed from an accident on your carpet. Unfortunately, removing stains from carpeting is never easy, as each stain needs to be removed in its own way. If your child has stained your carpet, try to clean it as quickly as possible. Dampen a soft white cloth in cool water and dab at the stain. Do not rub the stain as it will only worsen. You can use vinegar and some dish soap combined with water and then let that soak into the carpet. Continue to dab at the stain until it is lifted from the carpet.

Scuff Marks

Children are not careful when playing with toys. As such, they may bang a toy into the wall or your baseboard, leaving a scuff mark behind. If the paint is peeling or chipped, never attempt to remove the scuff mark, as you may remove paint as well. If the paint is not chipped, grab a water-dampened cloth and simply begin scrubbing. If your walls are white, a Magic Eraser is a great tool to quickly remove stains.

Toilet Stains

When it comes to the toilet, some children may not flush after they go every time or they may miss the bowl. As such, it is not uncommon for the bathroom that a child uses to have a ring on the inside of the toilet or stains at the base of the toilet. The first step is to use a toilet bowl cleaner to attempt to rid the stains. If the stains still won’t lift, a pumice cleaning stick can be used. Be careful not to rub too harshly though, or you could scratch your porcelain toilet bowl.

Grout Stains

The common type of stain caused by children is grout stains. If you have tile in your home, anything a child spills on the grout may be quickly absorbed, including juice or ice cream. The best way to remove stains from grout is to use a soft scrubbing brush and a grout cleaner and to scrub by hand. If that doesn’t lift the stain, home cleaning services Atlanta that offer professional grout cleaning should be contacted.

Kids can be messy and leave your home filled with stains. If you have stains that you can’t lift, or you don’t have the time to constantly clean your home, we can help you! Here at Amazon Cleaning we offer house cleaning services in Atlanta. If you are ready to have your house looking clean again, give us a call today.

Instagram cleaning hacks

5 Instagram Cleaning Hacks that Actually Work

Instagram is full of tips to remove stains, control dirt, and help you organize your spaces. However, many of those tricks either don’t work or are frankly more convoluted than they need to be! Here are 5 Instagram cleaning hacks that are award-winning, Atlanta maid service approved and will actually get results to help you achieve a cleaner home with less frustration.

Clean and Deodorize Furniture with Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda on couches, beds, and carpets. Let it sit for up to 30 minutes, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. Your upholstered items will be clean and odor-free. Baking soda is super absorbent. The molecules wrap themselves around dirt, grime, and pathogens so that the vacuum can easily lift them out. The heavy powder also helps kill microscopic organisms and mites that cause unpleasant odors and endanger your family’s health.

Remove Wax Mess with Little Fuss

Does your love of scented candles ruin your furniture? Easily remove dried candle wax with a paper bag and a clothes iron. Place the paper bag over the wax stain and set the iron on low heat. As you move the iron over the bag, the wax will melt and adhere to the paper. Continue moving the bag to a clean spot and repeating the process until the stain is gone.

Make Stainless Steel Bright and Shiny with Salt and Lemon

Are your bathroom and kitchen fixtures in need of some extra TLC? Slice a lemon and cover the cut end in kosher salt. Rub the slice gently over the fixture then rinse clean with warm water. The lemon’s acidity will melt away stubborn mineral deposits while the salt acts as an abrasive to scrub it away. Place shower heads in a solution of lemon, salt, and warm water to flush out lime and mineral deposits to restore flow and improve water pressure.

Clean Your Entire Kitchen with Lemon

Lemon juice has antibacterial properties that make it perfect for sanitizing kitchens. Squeeze lemon juice into a bowl of water. Place the bowl in your microwave and set it on high for one to two minutes. The steam will penetrate built up grease and food stains. Just wipe away the mess with a clean, damp cloth. Don’t toss the lemon rind out when you’re done. Instead, run them through your garbage disposal to kill odor-causing bacteria and give your whole kitchen a fresh, citrus scent.

Refresh Your Linens with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Are your towels looking a little dingy? Get them back to newly new condition with vinegar and baking soda. Add a cup of vinegar to a hot water cycle in your washing machine. When that’s done, run the same load through again. This time, however, add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the wash. Do not add laundry detergent, softeners, or other additives to either wash. Your towels will come out fluffy and free of stains.

Repair Scuffs on Wood Floors and Furniture

Don’t toss your scuffed wooden furniture or pay big prices to replace damaged wood floors. Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 3/4 cup olive oil. Spread the mixture over the affected area and let sit for a few minutes. Wipe away with a clean, dry cloth. The vinegar will cause the wood around the marks to swell slightly, giving them a less noticeable appearance. The oil seals the mark to make the results last longer.

These 5 Instagram cleaning hacks have been proven to work well between visits from your favorite Atlanta house cleaning service. Happy cleaning!

Swedish Death Cleaning

What is Swedish Death Cleaning?

Swedish Death Cleaning: A Radical Approach to Organization

Step aside Marie Kondo, there’s a new cleaning trend that’s sweeping (quite literally) through homes, and it’s called “Swedish death cleaning.”

What is Swedish Death Cleaning?

It might sound morbid, or like a heavy metal band, but it’s actually a very practical and strangely sentimental practice. In her book The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Make Your Loved Ones’ Lives Easier and Your Own Life More Pleasant, Margareta Magnussen describes the Swedish process of clearing out the belongings you have collected over their lifetime once you reach middle age. Things you simply don’t need may be sold or donated. Items with more sentimental value are offered to friends and family members as keepsakes. This ritual is designed to reduce the burden on those left behind after passing, allowing them to spend their time properly grieving their lost loved one instead of digging through mounds of books, paperwork, clothing, and other personal effects. But Magnussen also helps us realize how we can incorporate this practice into our daily lives to stay organized and live more simply.

Applying Swedish Death Cleaning Philosophies to Your Daily Life

You don’t have to wait until your final hours to enjoy the freedom granted by Swedish death cleaning. Use these tips to clear your spaces of clutter and simplify your daily life.

  • Take your time. It took many years to accumulate the things that accessorize your life. Don’t expect to completely clear your entire home in one day.
  • Start early. You don’t have to wait until you reach retirement age to begin paring down your worldly goods. Keeping your possessions to a minimum guarantees a cleaner home and saves space for the things you really want.
  • Save sentimental items for last. Letters, books, photos, and collectible items are full of precious memories. Sort through these items slowly and allow yourself to relive those parts of your life. This will not only help you cope with parting from the item, it will also help you decide who you should give it to.
  • Start with your closets. Get rid of old coats, unused sports equipment, and other bulky items first. The extra space will not only inspire you to keep going, it will also provide storage space for the things you plan on keeping.
  • Be brutally objective. How long has it been since you wore that suit? If you haven’t used an item within the last year, it’s likely you may never need it.
  • Reorganize your rooms after clearing them. Use the extra space to store and display the things you use most often.

Swedish death cleaning gives you the capacity to fully enjoy each of your possessions while keeping your home neat. If you need help kickstarting the process or taking care of deep cleaning while you declutter, consider calling a trusted Atlanta cleaning service today!

Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People

Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People

For many people, cleaning is a dreaded task; it’s time consuming and not everyone’s favorite way to spend their Saturday. However, there are some hacks that can make cleaning up a bit easier and faster. Here are a few of the top cleaning hacks for lazy people or those just pressed for time:

Use a Lint Roller to Dust

One of the biggest challenges with dusting is that you may cause the dust to fly around your home, making it feel like you never cleaned at all! As such, it is recommended that you dust and then vacuum, sweep or mop to help remove any flying dust that landed on the floor. But there is an easier way to do things. Instead of using a cloth that sends dust flying, grab a lint roller and roll away the dust. The dust sticks to the sticky paper without flying around, making dusting as mess-free as possible.

Use Shower Gel Instead of Soap in the Shower

Scrubbing your shower and bathtub can be time consuming thanks to all the soap scum that builds up in the shower. But what if there was a better way? There is! Instead of using soap in the shower, switch to shower gel. It doesn’t build up on the tub or shower the way soap residue does, making cleaning easier. And after every bath or shower, spray the tub or shower down with a no wipe cleaner to help keep it looking great between cleanings.

Line Baking Sheets and Pans With Foil

Scrubbing baking sheets, muffin tins, cooking grills and crock pots can be a hassle. So the next time you go to use these items, line them with foil instead. When you are done cooking on them, simply lift the foil away and discard it. This makes clean up a breeze and helps ensure you are not scrubbing more dishes than necessary.

Stick a Dryer Sheet to Your Vent

The last cleaning hack for lazy people is to take a dryer sheet and stick it to your vents. While this does not actually clean anything, it does help to make your home smell fresher and cleaner. It helps to get rid of any funky scents in your home that may trick your mind into thinking your home is not clean.

The best cleaning hack for lazy people is to not clean at all. If you are lazy or simply do not have the time to clean your home, let an Atlanta housecleaning service handle the cleaning for you. Here at Amazon Cleaning, we can help you with all of your cleaning needs, including one time deep cleans or bi-weekly routine cleans. Contact us today to book your first appointment and see how we can make getting your home as easy as possible.

Summer Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Late Summer Cleaning Checklist

Most people associate spring with the season to clean. But when it is hot outside, you can take advantage of the heat and clean some specific areas in your home. Here is your ultimate summer cleaning checklist.

Blinds and Curtains

Blinds and curtains are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning your home. And if you do clean them, you likely only dust them. However, blinds and curtains can both use a good cleaning at once a year. Soak vinyl or plastic blinds in a bathtub with soapy water to get them nice and clean or wash your curtains to remove dust and debris. After washing blinds and curtains, hang them out in the sun to allow them to dry quickly.


If you have carpets in your home, it is recommended that the carpets be deep cleaned at least two times per year. This helps to remove dirt, dust, allergens and dander trapped deep within the fibers. If possible, try to have your carpets deep cleaned during the summer months. Deep cleaning can leave your carpets a little bit wet, so having this process done during the summer allows the carpets to dry as quickly as possible.


When it is hot outside, you likely run your air conditioning unit. But did you know that if the vents are dirty, you are blowing a lot of excess dust inside of your home? Before you begin to use your air conditioner in the summer and your heater in the winter, you will want to get it clean. To start cleaning the vent, take a vacuum cleaner and use the wand to suck away as much dust and residue from the outside and inside of the vent. Once you are done with the vacuum, grab a water dampened soft cloth and wipe down the vents to remove any remaining dust and residue. This is also a great time to change your air filters.

Outdoor Surfaces

Most people do not think about cleaning their driveways, patios and other outdoors surfaces. However, cleaning them helps to revive the way they look, while also extending their lifespan. There are many different ways to clean concrete and stone surfaces. If yours just need a small pick me up, you can sweep it, mop it with soapy water and then spray it down with a hose. For more extensive cleaning, consider using a pressure washer to free up dirt and residue. This gets your surface clean and leaves it looking amazing for any outdoor parties you may be hosting this summer.

Cleaning the entirety of your home can be a challenging task. There are many items within a home that don’t get cleaned as frequently as they should, such as blinds, baseboards and doorknobs, simply because people do not have time. If it has been awhile since your home had a good, deep clean, let our Atlanta maid service help you. Contact Amazon Cleaning today to schedule your cleaning services.

Home Organization Atlanta maid service

10 Clever Ways to use Tension Rods for Home Organization

From sports equipment to cleaning supplies, our living spaces are filled with the accessories that make modern life worthwhile. However, organizing all that stuff can be a chore in of itself. Even if you rely on a professional Atlanta maid service, keeping spaces clear of clutter can be a challenge. Here are 10 unique ways to use tension rods to keep up your home organization between house cleaning services.

In the Kitchen

In a well-arranged kitchen, families eat better, save money on convenience, and enjoy home entertaining more than ever. Use these tips to keep your food preparation areas clutter-free.

Home Organization Atlanta Maid Service

1. Take advantage of vertical cupboard space. Place tension rods a few inches apart on cupboard shelves to store cutting boards, baking sheets, and other large cookware conveniently.

2. Use a tension rod across your kitchen window to make an indoor herb garden. Attached hooks allow small planters to hang securely from the rod. Or, take it a step further and create a hanging garden right in your kitchen with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuces.

3. Install a rod under your kitchen sink. Store bottles of cleanser, brushes, and other cleaning tools on it. These also work well to store paper towels out of sight.

4. Convert a drawer into a spice rack. Two horizontal rods let you store spice bottles without taking up precious counter space. Arrange the bottles so that you can easily see the name on each container.


Bedroom and Bathroom

Take your home organization to another level with tension rods in your bedroom, bathroom, and closet spaces.

5. Keep bath toys under control by attaching shower rings to several plastic baskets. Place the baskets onto a tension rod that runs the length of the bathtub.

6. Storing shoes and fashion accessories by placing multiple tension rods in your closet makes getting dressed a breeze. This method works well with high-heels, scarves, and necklaces. Add hooks to store rings and bracelets.

7. Use tension rods to create more closet space. Arrange your clothing with longer and more voluminous pieces at the bottom. Save the higher spaces for baby clothes, crop tops, and smaller garments.

8. Crafty decorators can use tension rods to create a one-of-a-kind storage unit. Drill holes in the center of decorative plates, then place them on a fully extended tension rod. Secure with glue and metal washers. Use your homemade sculpture to display framed pictures, artwork, or knick-knacks.

Other Ways to Use Tension Rods in Home Organization

These tips ensure your home stays comfortable and neat in between visits from your favorite Atlanta maid service.

Home organization Maid Service Atlanta

9. Having a hard time keeping your home office organized? Use tension rods to create spaces for paperwork, ledgers, and thin publications. Simply insert them in unused spaces on desks and bookshelves.

10. Take tension rods into your craft room, woodworking shed, and garage to keep your tools under control. This is a great way to organize corded devices like drills and glue guns.

Tension rods are an easy way to make your spaces more useful. Place them wherever you need a little extra home organization! If you still need a little help keeping your home in tip top shape, give the best Atlanta house cleaning service Amazon Cleaning a call!

atlanta maid service

15 Foods That Will Change How You Clean


Atlanta Maid Service Cleaning Tips

As homeowners have become more health conscious about the cleaning products they use, it’s good to know there are safe, natural options that actually come from food! Here are 15 professional Atlanta maid service cleaning tips on cleaning products you can use right from your kitchen:

1. Coffee Grounds

cleaning tips food you can clean with

This common daily morning byproduct also happens to be a great cleaner for your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. Simply turn on the disposal and pour the used grounds down the drain with hot water after your cup o’ Joe to keep the drain pipes clear and fresh.

2. Cucumber

What if we told you there is a secret superpower food that wipes crayon marks off walls? Well, there is, and it’s…the outside skin of a cucumber! We’re not sure why it works, but it’s worth a try.

3. Vinegar

cleaning with vinegar

With more than 100 cleaning tips and uses for this abundant and affordable cleaner, it’s no wonder people have been cleaning with vinegar for generations! Dilute it with water or use full strength to clean many different surfaces. Try mixing it with essential oils too!

4. Baking Soda

This cleaning buddy of vinegar is also very versatile. Sprinkle some onto granite countertops and showers and buff with a wet cloth to remove stains and rinse off to get a great shine.

5. Rice

cleaning tips rice

Uncooked rice is a good scrubbing agent for pots and pans and coffee grinders when you don’t want the scent of vinegar. Just mix rice in with water to polish your kitchen tools up.

6. Banana

If you’re looking for a natural way to shine your leather shoes, try rubbing them with the outside of a banana peel. You’ll be surprised at the results and just might go bananas over it!

7. Lemon

cleaning tips cleaning with lemon

A natural source of citric acid, lemons are a well-known standby for multipurpose cleaning. Use the juice as a wipe-on solution, or simply rub the surface with a lemon half. The oils in the skin are also good for cleaning wood furniture.

8. Ketchup

One of the stranger cleaning tips for sure: if you have copper utensils or items around, squirt tomato ketchup on them and wipe off to shine them up. Who knew?

9. Salt

Similar to raw rice, table salt is a good scrubbing agent for pots and pans, especially caked-on cast iron skillets. Sprinkle it on and rub to help save cleaning time without using harsh chemicals.

10. Onions

cleaning tips onions

You probably know that onions taste great grilled outside. But cleaning grills, too? Yep, onions do that. Taking a raw onion sliced in half and rubbing its juice on the grill bars will assist in removing the burnt-on junk. If you have a spare half, leave it out in a room with odors such as a musty basement to deodorize.

11. Walnuts

Need to do a quick touch-up on a piece of scratched wood furniture? A shelled walnut will help save a trip to the hardware store. Just rub the walnut onto the scratches to restore it to its original beauty.

12. Olive Oil

Not only is olive oil good for your skin, it’ll make your stainless steel appliances shine! Add a little to a soft cloth and rub, then wipe off the excess to reveal an amazing reflection.

13. Tea Bags

cleaning tips tea bags

The tannic acid in regular black tea bags is great for a lot of things such as loosening stuck-on food from dishes. The next time you have tea, throw the used tea bags into your dish pan and let it soak for a bit and go to work for you.

14. Mayonnaise

Believe it or not, this food works great at removing those unsightly glass stains on wood furniture. Apply, let sit, and wipe off similar to olive oil and be inspired by the results!

15. Soda Water

If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your car, soda water is for you. Pour on and leave it there for five minutes, then rinse off with a hose to wash away dirt, bird droppings, bugs, and more.

Have you enjoyed the cleaning tips on this blog? Let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback. And if you ever need Atlanta house cleaning services to keep your home spic and span, give us a call at Amazon Cleaning. Have a great day!