Atlanta Cleaning Services

Everyday, Atlanta cleaning services are in high demand! Many home owners are seeking

the help of a reliable and professional cleaning service. Let us take the worry off of your

shoulders so that you can relax in your beautifully clean home. Whether you would prefer

daily, weekly, monthly, or one time deep cleaning, we are there for you!

Becoming a customer is as easy as picking up the phone. At Atlanta cleaning services,

we listen to every customer’s concerns, and we strive to be the best in our industry. We

learn from our competitor’s mistakes and try our best to make your experience an

enjoyable one. We offer a wide range of cleaning agents, and offer an exclusive line of

green cleaning products, or if you prefer we can use your products! We also have child

and pet friendly products to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Our staff are highly

trained to provide you with the best service possible, and if our customer reviews do not

convince you, our service will!

Every appointment is inspected by our detail oriented team leaders, to make your

experience worth it. We are here to help you with your home, and our happy staff aim to

please! Atlanta cleaning services are fully bonded and insured, and we perform

consistent quality checks to make certain that your satisfaction is achieved. Let our

performance do the talking and call us today to schedule your next appointment!

Atlanta Cleaning Services & Professional Cleaning Companies

How Are We Different?

Our Technology

What sets Atlanta cleaning services apart from other cleaners in the Atlanta area?

Amazon cleaning puts to good use modern technological devices. Our scheduling and

booking is fully automated, so our cleaners never miss an appointment. All appointments

are given ample time to complete, which ensures the promptness of our cleaners.

Although we cannot guarantee an exact time for each appointment, we do our best to

complete all appointments per day.

• Our cleaning crews utilize GPS technology to make certain that the least amount of time

is spent on the road to maximize time for each appointment.

• Our Atlanta cleaning services also use software to route cleaning crews to keep travel

time to a minimum.

• To further ensure the timeliness of our cleaners, we schedule buffer times to make

certain that the cleaners arrive at the scheduled appointment.

• To guarantee your home security, we have a unique encrypted key security system to

protect against lost or stolen keys. Your security is our utmost importance, and we do our

best to protect your privacy.

Our Customer Service

One of the top complaints regarding professional cleaning companies is their customer

service. Our top priority is to make sure that you are satisfied with our cleaning services.

We rigorously train our staff and teams to ensure quality service, and maintain some of

the highest standards in the industry.

All customer requests are documented for ongoing visits so that we can meet your

standards at all times. The same team will clean your home every time you wish us to

visit, ensuring the guarantee that your regular visits will be of the highest quality. We

also limit the amount of clients that

What To Look For In A Cleaning Service

Homeowners today who work outside the home have been considering the idea of hiring

an Atlanta cleaning service. Homeowners who have never hired a cleaning service

before may have certain questions about how their home will be taken care of while they

are out of the house. There are many cleaning services in the Atlanta area, but how to

choose the one that is right for you?

First, choose a cleaning service that is fully bonded and insured. By choosing a bonded

and insured cleaning company, you can be assured of a reputable company who will look

after your property. Ask if the management performs quality checks of their employees

so that you can be certain that the work is done to your standards.

If you have children or a pet, make sure that your Atlanta cleaning service is sensitive to

your needs as a homeowner. Ask what type of cleaning products that the company uses,

and if it you are able to choose what sort of products are used in your home. Make sure

that the cleaning company is flexible with your requests. They should also accept

requests for green cleaning products.

As a homeowner, you may have many more questions for an Atlanta cleaning service,

such as will the same person be cleaning every time, or their scheduling to provide

cleaning services. Don’t be afraid to ask the company you are interviewing, their attitude

toward you as a customer is a great indication of how you and your home will be taken

care of in the future. Entrusting your home to someone is a great responsibility, so be sure

to choose an excellent company that will do an outstanding job maintaining your home.

Atlanta Cleaning Companies

In Georgia, there are several Atlanta cleaning companies to choose from. There are

several reasons why our clients return again and again. Many of our new customers have

expressed their concerns about what they have experienced with other companies.

The top concern of our new customers is that the services of other Atlanta cleaning

companies declined over time. We use the same team to clean your home on each visit,

and the more we visit your home the more details we strive to learn. We appreciate all

requests when cleaning your home and every appointment is inspected by our highly

trained staff.

Another common complaint is that other companies have failed to keep scheduled dates.

Although we cannot guarantee a specific time, as some appointments take longer than

others, our staff are trained to get the job done in a specific amount of time. We pride

ourselves with keeping appointments. We do not engage in long term contracts, we earn

your repeat business.

Many of our new customers have expressed that our customer service excels above other

companies. Many complaints about other Atlanta cleaning companies were centered

toward their poor customer service. At Amazon Cleaning , we do our best to accommodate

all customer requests as timely as possible. We appreciate knowing all the details about

how we can better serve you, and make your experience an enjoyable one.

Another common complaint has been that other companies were insensitive to children

and pet needs. Our highly trained staff is sensitive to all of your family’s needs, no matter

how big or how small. We offer a variety of cleaning agents, a green cleaning option, or

if you prefer we can use your cleaning agents. Our goal is to make you and your family

as comfortable as possible, so contact us today!

Exceptional Residential Maid Service

1) Amazon Cleaning specializes in long term exceptional residential maid service. When deciding which company to hire, Amazon Cleaning , encourages all potential clients to review the items covered in all Regular cleaning visits so that the desired scope of work can be ascertained.

Before scheduling a free quote, an on phone ballpark guestimation will be provided. Common questions which will be asked will be some friendly inquiries to better understand the size of job being requested. Some of the common questions respectfully asked will most likely be; Would you happen to know the square footage of your home? Are you interested in every week, every 2 week or every 4 week cleaning rotations? May we inquire, is your home newer or older? Are there any pets in the home?

Amazon Cleaning is always grateful for the opportunity to provide an initial ballpark quote to make certain pricing and scope of work is on the same page, to save all valued clients their time. Amazon Cleaning will be the first to admit that their pricing is not the least expensive out there. They carry general liability insurance, bonding and pay among the highest wages in the industry. In addition we have a strong managerial structure to ensure our crews are always on track! All cleanings are guaranteed with the 24 hour service guarantee to ensure total satisfaction.

Once a ballpark guestimation price has been provided and agreed upon by a potential client, a final quote will be scheduled. During the final quote process, the potential client will be allowed the opportunity to select the specific types of cleaning chemicals they would like to have used on all regular cleaning visits. All equipment is top of the line and HEPA filtered to prevent cross contamination from house to house. In addition, all cleaning agents are top of the line and on the more expensive and industry proven. Hardwood floor cleaners are designed to protect the long term quality of the floors and prevent premature aging. As a result, they will not be a shiny as less expensive hardwood floor cleaners, which is the trade off for longer term preservation. Generally final quotes just take 5 to 10 minutes maximum. The estimator can also be there exactly on the hour and will provide a courtesy reminder call the day before that they will be stopping by for the free quote.

Once a final quote has been accepted, an initial deep cleaning will be scheduled. The same two person team who performs the initial deep cleaning will be the one who cleans ongoing, with the understanding that on rare instances a different two person managerial crew will cover for vacation or illness.

Coverage Area and Chemicals are Customizable

In order to keep prices affordable, Amazon Cleaning has always offered to ability to skip and add in tasks per requests. Some of these include interior oven and refrigerator cleaning. In addition to interior window cleaning, guest bedrooms and the basement are also commonly added to help economize and allow for flexibility. As a courtesy, by sending the same two person team, Amazon Cleaning is able to customize and track each valued client’s requests on an ongoing basis. After many years of business that system has worked very well year after year.

Also, in order to better organize, all of the cleaning chemicals are provided free of charge with the service. Green Cleaning is offered as well as the option to use green cleaning but ok to use stronger if needed. That method works well for disinfecting toilet bowls and other areas while still providing the vast majority of surface areas with green cleaning. In addition, the ability to change and/or add new chemicals is always available. In order to foster successful and reliable long term Atlanta Maid Service year after year, a certain degree of healthy communication and tracking is required.

Great care is taken to provide for home security and safety. Amazon Cleaning continues to be OSHA compliant and puts safety first. The crews carry the sixteen foot extension for high to reach areas such as window sills and ceiling fans. By working as a team with all valued clients a safe and effective plan can be used visit after visit to ensure great coverage while being safe within the home.

Lastly, the vast majority of crews are pet friendly and pet owners themselves. Special care is taken to never let a cat outside(even if outdoor cat). While in the home, the cleaning crews will leave the interior doors open so the little guys have a chance to run for cover and feel safe when the vacuum stars along with having comfortable access to the litter box.

The success secret of our home cleaning services.

Why the same 2 person team is critical for long term success.

We noticed early on in our Home Cleaning Service practice that having the same 2 person team was, and still is, essential to long term success.

The reasons for this are plentiful but a few of the most important are, firstly, each home has a different learning curve. Chemical preferences, antiques to pay special attention and certain styles are essential to long term success.  A new crew will not know the small details until they have some experience on-site.  To reduce these chances we go with what works and that the same highly certified, background checked and experienced crew for each visit ongoing.

In addition it is more comfortable for our valued client to just have one cleaning crew they can get used to. Pets also get used to seeing the same people and always changing faces can lead to anxiety for them as well.

Lastly there is a very important quality aspect involved with a 2 person team. In most simplistic terms, there are more sets of eyes to ensure that the quality aspect has been achieved. In order for us to achieve that absolute highest level of consistency, we have ventured into some of the newer schools of thoughts. One of the newer crazes in the business world is the Six Sigma process. In short Six Sigma pertains to maximizing quality and dependability. We have spent considerable time researching this concept and applying it to our operations.

One key components of the Six Sigma school dogma is identifying defects or problems with a process.  We pay close attention to anything along those lines.  We keep the lines of communication open with our clients so we can continue to stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and customer satisfaction.  The old saying haste makes waste is the best way to describe it.  By taking our time and striving for quality, in the end everybody wins.  Our valued clients win because our they receive high level and dependable service, visit after visit.  We win because we continue to foster long term productive relationships.

After all if there is any technology or process out there that can lead to improved quality and dependability for our Atlanta Maid Service, count us in!