Quality Atlanta Cleaning Service

Amazon cleaning traditionally spends about twice amount of time in a home for the initial deep cleaning, which is very close to industry average. Some primary reasons for this are there are a number of areas in the home that are not routinely cleaned which require a good deal of work, including baseboards, blinds, 16 foot extension for high to reach areas such as cob webs. Additional areas which tend to not be cleaned much and require a lot more time during an initial deep cleaning are, vacuuming under beds, cleaning vent plates and cleaning outside of cabinets and drawers.

There are many factors that contribute to final estimate pricing and Amazon Cleaning will be the first to admit that their pricing is not the least expensive out there. Their system is designed for long term excellent and that means exceptional crews who are committed to house cleaning as long term careers. In addition a strong managerial structure is required to ensure to ensure all crews are always on track regarding random quality audits. Performing random quality audits, in combination with the 24 hour service guarantee will put into a place a very strong and dependable backbone for long term dependability.

Cleaning is a long term relationship that does require honest communication and participation from both the cleaning company and the valued client alike. Some areas that help foster a long and productive cleaning relationship is respectfully asking any/all potential clients to immediately communicate any concerns/suggestions within 24 hours so that the crew has a chance to learn and resolve. By preventing concerns from building up, healthy communication and adjustments can be made on a proactive and positive basis, which is fantastic for long term success. In addition, by following the 48 hour cancellation policy, clients allow their crew time to schedule a different assignment and keep them actively working. That type of consideration is wonderful for crew morale and lends to long term crew and thus, long term client retention. Another way a valued client can assist with smooth operations is understanding the non exact arrival time policy.

Amazon cleaning is not fast. Instead, they focus on quality, double checking their work and going for quality, not speed. Any customer who is scheduled on a particular day, will have the right to add in extra items such as guest bedrooms, basements, interior oven, fridge and/or windows. The system is designed for flexibility. If a client asks for a crew to rush and get to their home, with most respect, the integrity of the home that is being cleaned will be protected, per written agreement regarding non exact arrival policy. Amazon Cleaning runs a system that is quality focused and allows for flexibility by all clients with the understanding that their company is slow and non dependable for arrival times if not first of the day.

Lastly, Amazon Cleaning provides free lease/rental home access options as a courtesy for allowing them to operate on an non exact arrival time basis. In conclusion, a successful home cleaning relationship requires honest and active communication between both the valued client and the company. Amazon cleaning is always grateful, in advance, for participation and understanding of those concepts.

Methods of Payment

A common questions Amazon Cleaning receives is, what are the methods of payment? The most simplistic answer to this question is, with most respect, check or cash please! There are a number of reasons for requesting payment with check or cash but the perhaps the most important one is, it keeps the money in our clients pockets and out of the credit card companies!

Most credit card companies, pay approximately a 3 percent charge to use a credit card when paying. Since the cleaning business operates on tight margins, in order to remain competitive, Amazon cleaning provides some easy and convenient ways to make payment, while at the same time, eliminating unnecessary convenient or credit card charges. Perhaps the best option to avoid credit card fees is the use of the traditionally free banking service of online bill pay. Online bill pay is a very easy to use service provided through most or all banks. By simply setting the payment to be delivered 4 to 5 days prior to the date of service, a very effective and stress free payment system can be set up.

Another simple option is to leave check or cash the day of service. In exchange for that consideration, Amazon Cleaning will always send an email reminder 2 days in advance along with a phone call 1 day prior to the service date as polite reminders. Of course, either of those reminders can be turned off per the valued customers request. Over the years, the reminder system has been very successful for clients as traditionally, we all live very busy lives and it is very easy to forget appointments.

In return, Amazon Cleaning is dedicated to exceptional and consistent dependable residential maid service, visit after visit, day after day, month after month and year after year. By working together as a team, a reliable and professional house cleaning relationship can be maintained for years.

In conclusion, Amazon Cleaning is always grateful for check or cash payment and the consideration of avoiding the high pay pal and credit card fees. By working together, with valued clients, an effective focus and be maintained for directing all efforts towards cleaning and crew retention, which in the end results in the highest level of service. Allow Amazon Cleaning the opportunity for you to save time in your busy schedule and spend more time family and on things more important.

Safety Compliance and Guidelines

In adherence to OSHA compliance, Amazon Cleaning will make certain to follow safety to ensure a successful house cleaning visit without incident. One of the most common questions received are, are you able to move sofas and clean under them? With most respect, the answer to that request will always be no, however, there are certain actions/capabilities than can be performed to achieve the desired effect.

Even if furniture slides are at the bottom of the sofa(s), crews will be unable to move the sofas. However, if the client does move the furniture in advance of the crew arriving, they will, in turn, be able to clean under the requested area. The primary reason for this is anything over 20 lbs., is prohibited to be moved in order to prevent injury and/or damage. In order to protect the property of all valued clients, Amazon Cleaning is always grateful in advance for adherence for valuable OSHA compliance guidelines. The old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly applies. Not only to the residential maid service industry but a vast number of other household services as well. By working together, in an intelligent and respectful manor, exceptional service can is delivered visit after visit.

Additional examples of OSHA compliance and safety are using very short stools to clean instead of ladders. In addition, the 16 foot extensions are used to reach high and hard to reach areas for cob web cleaning and dusting. When factored in with an adult and the length of their arms, traditionally approximately 22 feet of coverage or a little more can be provided in a safe and effective fashion.

In conclusion, Amazon Cleaning does require adherence to OSHA compliance and safety guidelines for the protection of the crew from injury in addition to the protection of items and flooring for all valued clients. By working together and being informed of normal and natural safety guidelines, successful and long term cleaning service has and will continue to be maintained visit after visit, month after month and year after year.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

These days, there are an increasing number of families who work outside the home. The

days of the stay home wife are diminishing as more women are finding full time

employment outside of the home. That raises another question, if everyone is working,

who is cleaning the house? Who has time to clean the house?

In this fast-paced modern world, numerous homeowners are relying on professional

cleaning services to help keep their homes looking neat and tidy. Finding a maid or

professional cleaning service can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you have a

routine you can trust that you will return home to cleanliness. Many companies employ

reliable and trustworthy individuals in this growing industry. Hiring a local company can

give you the peace of mind you are looking for, while freeing up your extra time.

Cleaning a home takes time and energy, and those working outside of the home know

that better than most. Not everyone has the energy to spend all of their free time cleaning

a home. Scheduling regular maintenance on a home can also take up valuable weekends

and holidays that should be spent with friends and family away from a busy work week.

By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can ensure that chores around the home

get done in a timely manner. By keeping up with this regular maintenance, homeowners

can be certain that their home is efficient and in good working order.

Cleaning is not the only thing that can give you peace of mind while you are away. Many

new homeowners are finding that a professional cleaning service helped them out

tremendously after purchasing a new home. A professional cleaning service could also be

hired to enter a new home prior to the buyer moving and can perform a thorough

cleaning. Scrubbing a new home from top to bottom can be a bigger job than a weekly

cleaning! Be sure that your new home is in the best condition it can be before moving all

of your things in!

Professional Cleaning Companies

Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaner

Many homeowners today are busy in the work place, and do not have time when they get

home from a busy day to scrub the house. Many people think that house cleaning happens

when you have to step over clothes and toys on the floor. Hiring professional cleaning

companies can do so much more to relieve your stress! When you return home at the end

of a long day, to a clean home, you can enjoy the time to yourself to relax and unwind!

Cleaning a house can fill your valuable time. Cleaning an entire house can take hours out

of your regular schedule. Many people are simply too busy with their work, family and

friends to have the time to clean from top to bottom. Professional cleaning companies

can be a great help to ensure that you have the time you need to spend with your family,

and not have the added stress of cleaning a home.

If you have allergies, children, or pets, professional cleaning companies can be the

answer! Get relief from pollen and dust while you are away from the house. Reputable

cleaning companies like Amazon Cleaning provide a wide variety of cleaning agents that

are allergy, child, and pet sensitive. If you have sensitivities or are thinking of loved ones,

be sure to request green or other cleaning agents that can improve or maintain your health

and the health of your entire family!

Professional Cleaning and Atlanta Cleaning Service

Onsite Estimates

As a professional Atlanta cleaning service, we will be happy to provide an onsite, or in

your home estimate. If you are thinking about having your home professionally cleaned,

one of your biggest questions is how much will this cost? You will be surprised by our

affordable rates, and the excellent service we provide.

We would be happy to provide an estimate of your home by one of our on site team

members. There are only a few steps to your estimate. First, one of our professional

cleaning staff would quickly tour your home and provide a final quote to you. We would

also ask and record any specific requests that you would have regarding your home so

that we can customize your experience.

Our on-site manager would then cover with you all of the aspects of a deep clean of your

home, and recommend any regular visits to your home. The onsite estimate will take 10

minutes or less, and cover all of your expectations to help you and our company turn the

estimate into long term success! Call us today to schedule your in home estimate today!

Our Atlanta cleaning service strives to be the best at what we do. As the fastest growing

cleaning service in the Atlanta area, we understand our clients’ concerns. Customer

service agents are standing by to answer any of your questions or to ease your

apprehension of having a cleaning service in your home. We do not sign long-term

contracts, we insist on earning the right for future visits your home. Call us today!

House Cleaning Atlanta

Not sure if you can afford a professional cleaning company? Most homeowners do not

realize how affordable professional cleaning can be! House cleaning Atlanta rigorously

trains our staff to provide you with exceptional cleaning services while cleaning your

home in a minimum amount of time. The most difficult decision for you will be how

often you would like to see your home spotless! We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and

even one time deep cleaning services.

Keeping your home as clean as possible can take precious time away from your busy

schedule. Many homeowners these days have busy careers, and often find it difficult to

keep their home clean while scheduling time for work, family, and themselves. Your time

is money, and house cleaning Atlanta can be the solution to free up time in your busy

schedule. Having your home professionally cleaned can save you time and money, so that

you can be out enjoying life!

By contacting house cleaning Atlanta we are sure that you will be amazed at how

affordable our services really are. Our highly trained customer service staff will address

all of your concerns, and you will see how affordable professional cleaning services can

be! We are sure that you will love our services, and return again and again! Our company

does not engage in long term projects, we earn your repeat business through our services.

We try our best to accommodate all customer requests, so contact us today!

Cleaning Service Atlanta

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your home spotless every week? Cleaning service Atlanta

could be the solution you need! Many homeowners who work outside the home rely on

trustworthy companies for daily, weekly, monthly, or even one-time deep cleans to keep

their homes spotless. In this fast-paced world many simply do not have the time to do all

of the cleaning required to keep a home spotless. After work, the last thing that you want

to do is rush home to clean. Keep weekends and holidays free by hiring a cleaning

service to take that worry off of your mind!

New home owners often take advantage of cleaning service Atlanta for deep cleaning

when moving out of a residence, or perhaps a top to bottom clean on a new home. Those

of us who work full time outside of the home may not have the extra time to do a

thorough clean when purchasing a new home. Get some help today by hiring a fully

insured and bonded cleaning service with an excellent record of happy customers.

Do you have children or pets and do not want them around harmful chemicals? Cleaning

service Atlanta is pet and child friendly! Request green cleaning agents or provide your

own cleaning agents that you are comfortable with in your home! Our employees

welcome any requests for your home, and will be happy to accommodate any of your

concerns. We have a wide array of cleaning agents for you to choose from, at no extra

cost. Keep your home looking as good as new, and be the envy of all of your friends and


Cleaning Service Atlanta and Cleaning Services Atlanta

Our First Visit

Cleaning services Atlanta does our best to attend to every client’s specific requests.

Upon our first visit to your home, our highly trained staff is briefed on your specific

requests and will take the extra time needed to give your entire home a deep cleaning.

During this process, we will clean your home from top to bottom, and ensure that you are


During the final walk-through, you can double-check that we have met all of your

requests, and make any suggestions or give us feedback on our work. We will be sure to

mark any items that we missed, and take ideas for our next visit. Cleaning service

Atlanta customers, both current and past, have been extremely happy with our work, and

ask us to come back again and again!

Ongoing Service

For our cleaning services Atlanta customers, we use only the same trained cleaning crew

who performed the first visit deep cleaning to clean your home on a ongoing basis. Our

highly trained staff, who has already been trained in the specifics of your home, will be

the only cleaners who will be assigned to you.

Prior to every appointment, we will send phone and email reminders of our visit to your

home. We also have a highly trained customer service staff on call to receive all of your

phone calls so that we can do the best that we are able. Each cleaning crew is given a

generous time frame to complete all assignments, to help ensure that they arrive in your

home in a timely manner.

We encourage customer feedback, whether it is through our customer service phone lines,

or our online customer survey. We also encourage you to refer your friends!

Atlanta House Cleaning

Atlanta house cleaning is affordable for everyone! The days of having a house cleaner as

a luxury for the wealthy are long gone. Our professional staff is rigorously trained to

provide the best service in the least amount of time. They know how to budget their time

to get the job done with the highest satisfaction rates. Our clients are consistently happy

with our services, and this is proven time and again.

Our company does not engage in long term contracts, we earn the right of repeat

business. Atlanta house cleaning takes all of our clients concerns to heart, and make

every improvement. We strive to ensure that you are not just happy with your clean

house, but that you will choose our company above any other in the Atlanta area.

Atlanta house cleaning specialize in consistent, long term service. We customize each

visit to maintain your high quality of standards. We use the same crew for each client,

ensuring the speed and accommodating your specific requests. The better we get to know

you, the more we can customize each visit, and the details of your home.

We use the highest quality cleaning agents, and we let our clients choose what they

prefer. Some of our clients prefer that we use products that they have in their home. We

also accept requests for green cleaning products. If you have children or pets, our staff is

trained to provide friendly service to your entire household. Contact us today for your

next appointment!