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What’s Living In Your Carpet?

Nobody wants to talk about it, but it’s a subject that has to be aired out once in awhile: what’s living inside your carpet right now? There’s a bunch of harmful bacteria, but there’s also dead skin cells, pollen, pet dander, and a bunch of other stuff.


Keeping Your Carpets Clean


Nobody is going to whip out the Rug Doctor every single day, even though we actually should. Carpets play host to a lot of bacteria, and it’s a constant factor to every time you get sick, whenever you feel fuzzy-headed, and if your pets fall ill. So how are you going to keep them clean? Keep your shoes at the door, vacuum every day, and shampoo your carpet at least once a week?


Allergens Lurk Everywhere


Allergies measure differently on a scale of severity. Some people may only be suffering every now and again, but those of us (you know who you are) who have severe allergies, really shouldn’t be breathing in all the stuff from our carpet on a daily basis. It can lower your quality of life, which is why it’s doubly important to clean your carpets regularly. Those with hardwood floors endure the same issues, but they are easier to manage when you can see everything.


A Bed For Bugs


Your rug, clean or otherwise, is a habitat for bugs and parasites to live in. On a hardwood surface, they’re less likely to survive and thrive. Those with carpet throughout their home are much more like to need constant pest control maintaining their property, sometimes on a monthly basis. Take the preventative measures, because if you don’t, the problem is much harder to get rid of once it has a foothold in your home.


So What’s In The Carpet?


You’re not going to like this, but 75% of your own biological compounds are in those carpets, and they’re making up bacteria and dust. You’re shedding skin, breathing it back in, and causing a slow burning respiratory problem over time. When you can’t consistently breathe clean air, your lungs sit at a certain threshold of efficiency. Apart from that, many carpets still have chemicals in them that were preserving their shape and softness when they were on the racks of the warehouse. If you’ve ever had new carpets installed, then you know that smell the first three days that the carpet has been laid. It’s not good.


Hiring an Atlanta house cleaning service is a surefire way to ensure that, apart from your own efforts, your home is at its cleanest point, and free from potential respiratory irritants and allergens. You should be able to walk barefoot across your carpet without it feeling stiff or unmovable. Get a quick customized quote today from Amazon Cleaning, the best Atlanta house cleaning service.

atlanta maid service

20 Things That Will Make Your Bathroom the Cleanest It’s Ever Been

Looking for a few tricks and tips to get your bathroom super clean? Check out these 20

remedies that just might do the job!


  1. Vinegar Trick

Fill a Ziploc with white distilled vinegar and secure it around your shower head. The shine will amaze you.


  1. Hard Wash on the Bathmats

Bathmats get pretty gross sometimes. From toilet water spurting out of the toilet, to the fact that it’s in a bathroom. Toss them in the wash.


  1. Dusting Time!

We all ignore the fan in our bathroom because there’s a vent on it. Take a moment to do a deep cleaning. It will clear the air quicker, and be cleaner.


  1. Swiffer the Ceiling (And Walls)

When you want everything to be absolutely sterling, you need to get a top-quality Swiffer and dust/wash those walls and the ceiling.


  1. Hit the Lights

Well, hit them with a rag. Clean the lights from top to bottom, and you’ll notice a brighter shine. Bonus: you’ll save energy. The lights shine brighter, and you can get away with one or two less bulbs in that vanity without compromising on visibility.


  1. Drain Snake

Hair gets stuck in the drain of your sink and tub. It just happens. Snake it, remove it, and enjoy a quicker drain, and a sense of cleanliness.


  1. Lime Be Gone!

Around the edges of your shower grip and fixtures, grime builds up. It just does. Hot water, dirt, evaporation—it’s a mess. Use some calcium and limestone buildup removers to make them sparkle, and eliminate those nasty edges in the process.


  1. Clean Under the Rim

Most people don’t clean toilets properly. When you’re going to clean your toilet, be sure to scrub under the rim properly. This is where the waterjets spray to bring down waste, so you need to keep them clean and ready.


  1. Remove the Seat

It’s a job for single-use gloves. Take off your toilet seat, and bleach/scrub the seat, and the area where it was. You’ll be shocked, that’s all we’ll say.

  1. Cleaning the Tank

Drop in denture tablets and let them do their work overnight—it’s insane how clean the toilet tank will be.


  1. Soap Scum Vanishes

Use chemicals that are designed for glass cooktop stoves, but use them on your shower door. No, the shower door wasn’t designed to be foggy.


  1. Vinegar Is Magic

Vinegar also works at removing soap scum from around your faucets. Dredge it in some white distilled vinegar, return ten minutes later. Like a magic trick.


  1. Shine All Things Silver

Believe it or not, baby oil is like a wax. Use it sparingly, but you’ll get that clean-feeling shine to your faucets and showerhead.


  1. Cream of Tartar

Not only does cream of tartar remove the burn stain from the bottom of your frying pans (you’re welcome), but it also removes rust stains from the edges of your faucet.


  1. Declutter Your Vanity

We all have half-used tubes of toothpaste and other things in our cabinet that we don’t use anymore. We know it’s painful, but declutter and toss out stuff you don’t need.


  1. Cabinets Get Grimy

Your wooden cabinet doors and the space between those doors and the countertop, well, they get pretty nasty. Toothbrush, vinegar—you’ve done it.


  1. Jewelry Cleaner Brings Back the Shine

Remove the hardware from your cabinets, soak them in jewelry cleaner. You’ll be stunned.


  1. Your Grout Was White

All grout gets overlooked. It’s okay, people do it all the time. Bleach gel and a hard brush—it’s like new.


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Don’t like using bleach? Hydrogen peroxide is amazing at cleaning. Drop it around the edges of the room and in your grout. You can thank us later.


  1. Mop Last

Don’t mop yourself into a corner. Mop outward, close the door, and let it stay shiny.


The Best Home Cleaning Services Atlanta Has to Offer


As always, Amazon Cleaning is your number one maid service in all of Atlanta, GA. When you have a stressful day and just want to come home to a clean house and relax, you know who to call.


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Cleaning Staples: What To Have In Your Home At All Times

Whether you are a lifelong neat freak or a newly reformed slob, it is always easier to keep your house clean if you have the right cleaning supplies. Of course, people usually keep their cleaning supplies hidden. Therefore, it isn’t always obvious which supplies play a role in keeping the cleanest houses looking the way they do. Therefore, some cleaning experts from an Atlanta house cleaning service weighed in on tools and supplies that help them clean more effectively and efficiently.


Cleaning Supplies Can’t Do It by Themselves


Anyone who has seen The Sorcerer’s Apprentice wishes that such a magic spell were possible in real life. In the cartoon, Mickey Mouse casts a magic spell that animates brooms, which he then commands do his chores for him. If you insist on doing all your cleaning by yourself, the most important thing is to schedule some time each week that is just for cleaning. In fact, this is a good idea even if you hire a professional cleaner for occasional deep cleaning services. You house doesn’t go from neat to messy overnight. Making time to clean each week can do a lot to keep the mess from getting disastrous. So can having the right cleaning supplies. Here are some cleaning staples to keep on hand:


Disposable Cleaning Gloves


Disposable gloves are very inexpensive. They can also make it a lot more bearable to do dirt jobs that you dread. If you hate how dirty your hands get when you clean the bathtub or sink, just put on some gloves.


Heavy Duty Cleaning Gloves


Disposable gloves are great for the dirtiest jobs, but for some other jobs, heavy duty cleaning gloves are better. When you clean with bleach, no matter how much you dilute it, it still irritates your hands. Heavy duty, reusable cleaning gloves will protect your hands. They are thicker than disposable gloves, so they offer more protection from harsh cleaning chemicals. Besides, they don’t actually get dirty, since you just use them with bleach. There is no need to throw them away, because they will not contaminate your next cleaning project.


Easy to Maneuver Vacuum Cleaner


Those 1950s style upright vacuum cleaners are easier than just cleaning the floor by hand, but they are still annoying. In fact, a vacuum cleaner mishap during a job as a hotel janitor in the United States was what prompted Bob Marley to move back to Jamaica and pursue a music career. It’s easier to use a small vacuum cleaner that is low to the ground, and where the removable bag is all the way on the inside. It is even better if it is easy to change the nozzles. You will need a wide nozzle for large, open floors and a narrow one for corners.


When your house really needs to be sparkling clean, the best solution is to hire

professional house cleaners. When you are cleaning on your own, the right tools and

supplies can be a big help.

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Do You Make These 5 Cleaning Mistakes?

Some people really enjoy cleaning, but most consider it an unpleasant task. Unless you have a strategic plan for a cleaning project, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. How many times have you spent one weekend afternoon organizing a room and planned to continue working on it the next week, but then not gotten around to it? If your house is really messy, it is a good idea to have an Atlanta house cleaning service professionally clean your house at least once. If you get your house professionally deep cleaned once every few months, it can be much easier to keep it acceptably clean in between professional cleanings. Even naturally messy people can improve their home cleanliness habits by adopting a few simple practices. Here are five mistakes to avoid, because they make your house get very messy very quickly:


1. Letting Mail Pile Up


It is very easy to say that you will sort through today’s mail later. Within a few weeks, though, it can pile up on the dining room table so much that there is hardly any room to sit and eat. The best thing to do is to sort through the mail as soon as you get it. Pay any bills you receive immediately – send a partial payment if you cannot afford to pay them in full.) Throw away any mail you don’t absolutely need to keep. Put everything else in one mail drawer. When it gets full (or the day before your professional deep cleaning), sort through it and throw most items away.

2. Not Putting Away Things You Buy


As soon as you buy something, assign a place to it. Put all the groceries in their places as soon as you come home from the supermarket. When you buy a new clothing item, find a new place for it in the closet. If you don’t, it will pile up in shopping bags on the floor.

3. Leaving Windows Open


Leaving the windows open when the weather is mild is quite pleasant. It does, however, let more dust and pollen get inside your house. Close the windows when you are not home to prevent your house from gathering dust and other unwanted allergens.

4. Attracting Insects


If you leave food items out, insects will eventually notice them. To avoid insects and for food safety reasons, you should keep snack items sealed in airtight containers and store them in your kitchen.


5. Folding Laundry Promptly


The best time to fold your laundry and put it away is as soon as it comes out of the dryer. It is very easy for one load of unfolded laundry to turn into ten if you are not careful. If it requires ironing, put it on the ironing board in the middle of the living room so that you cannot forget to iron it.


For many people, hiring a cleaning service for occasional deep cleaning is the best option. Amazon Cleaning offers one-time deep cleanings, as well as regularly scheduled cleanings.

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5 Modern Facts That Make Cleaning Easier

Cleaning today is a chore, but the task is substantially easier now than it was in the past. Here are five modern facts that make cleaning easier today than in other points in history:

  1. Running Water: From doing the dishes to mopping the floors, water is an essential part of cleaning. Fortunately for us today, we have ample amounts of clean, running water for our cleaning needs – and an easy way to dispose of that water when it has been used. For centuries, however, running water was a rare commodity throughout most of the world. Those lucky enough to live near streams would need to travel to grab a bucket, or so, of fresh water. While early cities had wells and other primitive forms of water delivery, even the simple task of cleaning your dishes entailed obtaining clean water and then disposing of any water that was dirty.
  2. Weather Control: Cleaning when it is very cold or hot outside can be tough. Fortunately, when you clean your home, you are likely turning on your cooling or heating systems, to help make the temperature comfortable. But for centuries, people had to be content with cleaning in all kinds of temperatures. Whether it was the middle of winter, or the height of summer, cleaning was still a necessity and it was probably extremely uncomfortable.
  3. Finding Help: In the old days, cleaning help was only available for the rich and titled, as maids and servants were difficult and expensive to maintain and would often be employed long term. Most middle and lower-class individuals had to rely on themselves- or their wives- for cleaning, cooking and other household tasks. Today, you do not need to possess a great deal of wealth or a patent of nobility to find an affordable maid service- all you need to do is search the internet while adding your city into the search. For instance, you can search “home cleaning services Atlanta” or “Atlanta house cleaning” to find a variety of agencies in your area and compare prices.
  4. Cleaning Products: For a long time, cleaning products were strange- and stinky. For instance, the ancient Romans used urine as a laundry detergent. While they were correct in the idea that urine is sterile and that ammonia is a decent cleaning product, their clothes definitely did not smell great after they were cleaned. While soap was generally accessible by the 19th century, it was still considered a luxury to be used sparingly as an additive to things like ash lye. Scrubbing surfaces required scouring soap which in the 18th century was made from powdered quartz. Later, vinegar and baking soda joined the ranks of cleaning staples. Fortunately, today we have a variety of specialized cleaning products for laundry, floor washing and dish washing that smell great and are typically very effective.
  5. Tool Variety: While rags, cloths and basic sponges were the cleaning staples of the past, we are blessed with vacuum cleaners, Swiffer’s and a variety of scrub brushes. Modern cleaning products are both affordable and disposable, making them easier to replace when they are worn.

While cleaning is still a necessary yet somewhat undesirable task, the inventions and conveniences of modern innovation have made this job a whole lot easier.

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4 Occasions That Can Require A Pristine Home

While having a clean home is always considered a good idea, not everyone can find the time and energy to perform a thorough house cleaning every week. After all, the concept of “spring cleaning” exists to give a designated time for a thorough house cleansing. There are, however a few occasions where you would want your home to shine for visitors or special occasions. Here are four times that require a pristine home:

  1. Weddings: Whether you are hosting a reception, a rehearsal dinner, or a bridal shower, a wedding can be an exciting time that requires a clean house. After all, you will have plenty of people in your home- and all over your home. If you have guest rooms or even seldom cleaned windows, now is the time to ensure that your house is clean and dust free. As the host, you want your guests to feel welcome, but if you are hosting, you probably have plenty of other wedding responsibilities. This is where having help can come in handy. Finding a local maid service is simple- simply search by city and begin comparing prices. For instance, Atlanta residents can use a phrase “house cleaning Atlanta” or “Atlanta maid services” in their search engine of choice to start finding ideal candidates. You’ll want the cleaning done well before the guests arrive- especially if you have someone staying at your home for the special occasion.
  2. Holiday Parties: Having your family and close friends’ home for the holidays can be exciting. However, the joy of visitors may also require a bit of extra cleaning. After all, no one wants to greet the holidays in a dirty home. If you know that you will be hosting ahead of time, you can work in the cleaning and even recruit your immediate family to help. However, if you are busy with work or other tasks, you need to plan ahead.
  3. Neighborhood Events: Neighborhood events are usually outdoor affairs. However, if you are opening your door, there are chances that a curious neighbor will wander in and have a look around. While no one is expected to wander into your bedrooms, you may want to give your living room and bathrooms an extra once-over.
  4. Special Occasions: Whether it is a religious holiday, or simply an occasion for celebration, few things can dampen the atmosphere faster than a dirty home. While you may not need to always scrub the entire house from top to bottom, you do need to ensure that the common room, bedrooms, and bathrooms look and feel clean.

While a thorough cleaning can be a difficult task, you can always call for help. In fact, if cleaning before a major event is a major cause of stress, it is well worth your time and money to attempt to find a bit of help. Finding a service is simple, but you will need to do a bit of research when it comes to the reputation and rates of a given cleaning service.

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7 Ways To Manage A High-Stress Level

Stress is a full body response that is deeply rooted in our history. When humans first evolved, we had a lot of things to worry about- usually, these were things that would kill or eat us. As such, the body had to develop an intricate defense system, known as the sympathetic, or “fight or flight” response. The sympathetic response affects almost every organ and is designed to allow humans to evade predators.

While today’s society has very different risks and problems from the ancient world, our body responds in the same way when strained. Unfortunately, this, once helpful response, is now likely to do more harm than good which is why everyone involved in health care, from doctors to gurus, recommend keeping stress levels as low as possible- or at least at a manageable level. Now, this is easier said than done with our busy schedules and constantly ringing cell phones, but it is worth the effort to try in order to avoid serious healthcare problems in the future. Here are just a few tips for decreasing stress:

  1. Know When to Ask for Help: In our individualistic, independent society, it is tempting to try and get everything done on your own. However, humans are not meant to be alone and we are not meant to do everything by ourselves either. Not being able to survive on our own is why we created societies in the first place, so it only makes sense that we rely on others when we need help. If you are stressed or overwhelmed, reach out to an available and appropriate source or person. For instance, if you are having emotional troubles, or are dealing with grief, you can reach out to a close confidant or professional counselor. If you are dealing with the stress of a messy home, consider looking for a maid service. With a bit of research, you can find a service that will work on your schedule. To avoid location problems, consider starting the search in your city. For instance, search for “house cleaning Atlanta” if you live in Atlanta. Once you can identify your needs and seek reliable assistance, your life will be much more manageable.
  2. Check Your Mindset: Our lives are based in part on the events around us, and in a large part on how we perceive these events. For instance, some people approach a mountain of last minute work as a fun challenge, while others become nervous and anxious. Checking your mindset is hard work, but it is possible with a bit of practice. One key tenet is knowing that everything, no matter how stressful it feels, will pass over time and that good things can happen even in the middle of the bad. Next time you are in a stressful situation, consider actively trying to look for the positives instead of focusing on the stress itself.
  3. Build Your Support System: Having friends, family or even pets in your life is an important way to deal with stress. If you are a pet parent, you understand the joy of coming home to your animal who is generally just happy to see you. A good support system can help you through a hard time emotionally or even financially. The type of system you choose depends on your personality. Some people go to a religious organization, while others have a group of friends or close family members. Your support system is there for both the good and the bad which means that you’ll have the added benefits of sharing your joys with others as well, as the chance to be there for them when you are needed.
  4. Take Time Off: This is crucial for stress management. “Time off” is anything that is relaxing and worry-free. Some people enjoy camping while others prefer to curl up at home with a good book or head to the beach. Whatever you prefer as your “down time” make sure that you are taking time off from emails, texts and other errands. If you can, turn off your phone and leave it in the car so that you are not tempted to reply to a work email or pay a bill. This one tends to be difficult at first, but if you let people know that you will be unavailable and do a bit extra before and after, you should have nothing to worry about.  
  5. Dance Around: Research has proven that dance has a number of great benefits including reducing stress, increasing heart health and improving memory. If you don’t already dance, you can take a class at your local community center or your gym. Feel free to experiment with different styles to find something that you really like. If you feel very uncomfortable dancing, consider other forms of callisthenic exercise such as martial arts or yoga.  
  6. Do Not Neglect Your Hobbies: Our hobbies are the things that we truly enjoy doing. No one forces us to pursue a hobby, which is perhaps why hobbies often get pushed aside when life becomes hectic. In many cases, however, we need that outlet to help us relieve stress, be social and maintain good mental health. Even if life becomes busy, you should set time aside to pursue things that you love. If you do not have a hobby, you can try experimenting. You may not find your passion in the first thing you try, but you may gain some friends and more insight into yourself.
  7. Plan: Even the thought of planning and lists can be stress inducing for some people while, for others, a checklist can be joy. When you are planning, make sure that you are doing so in a manner that works for your individual personality. If lists are not your thing, consider a Google calendar. Having a good way to organize your life will reduce the stress of the expected things piling up. You should also have a contingency plan for the “unexpected”. A good contingency plan involves being able to shuffle things around in terms of time and money to deal with a given problem. Another important plan to have is one for managing high stress. If you feel your stress levels rising, try to find a good coping mechanism.

Coping with stress is not a singular process. In many cases, it takes planning, action, and discipline. But doing the work will also produce multi variable benefits that will apply not just for stress management, but also for a better overall life.

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Tiny Roommates That Live Inside Your Home

Do you ever have the sniffles first thing in the morning? Allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, and sinus-type headaches can be caused by more than just dust or pollen. According to the College of Asthma, Allergy, & Immunology, one of the most common sources of allergies and asthma is our invisible roommates: dust mites.

Like many bad roommates, these creatures seem harmless at first. They’re so small that you never see them, and they don’t bite or sting us. Their food is the dead skin cells we shed. At first, it might seem like they’re doing us a favor by eating up the dust we ourselves produce. But these bad roommates have a messy, disgusting habit.

How Dust Mites Trigger Allergies

What goes in must come out. When a dust mite gobbles up your dead skin cells, it releases tiny, mite-sized, pooh. One dust mite produces about 20 droppings per day. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, consider this: one used mattress can typically contain anywhere between 100,000 and 10 million mites. Imagine each one of those mites dropping pooh 20 times every day. How many days has it been since you cleaned your mattress? That’s a lot of pooh!

Dust and pollen can trigger allergies, but dust mite pooh is far worse. It irritates our eyes, nose, and skin. Breathing in all that waste irritates our lungs and can aggravate asthma, especially in kids. Every night, you could be sleeping in a pile of microscopic pooh. The more skin you shed, the more the pooh piles up, and your allergies only get worse.

How to Recognize the Symptoms of a Dust Mite Infection

If you have constant allergy symptoms, no matter how often you dust and sweep, then dust mites may be to blame. Watch out for chronic reactions such as:

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Coughing
  • Swollen skin

In severe cases, asthma and eczema can appear. The longer that you allow dust mites to live in your home, then the symptoms will only get worse. Why gamble with your health when you can take care of the root of the problem and get rid of those pesky mites?

How to Sanitize Your Home

Dust mites will live anywhere that they can get fresh skin cells to eat, but they especially like warm, humid environments. It’s no wonder that they find our mattresses irresistible! We spend about a third of our lives in our mattresses, and that provides plenty of warmth and food for our tiny roommates. If we want to evict them once and for all, it is important to diligently clean our beds.

Generally, you want to clean your linens, upholstered furniture and carpet at least once a week. A hot wash will not only kill off the dust mites, but will also keep the bed smelling, and feeling, fresh and clean. Unfortunately, that’s only the easy part.

Experts suggest deep-cleaning once every 6 to 12 months. Some people try to do this themselves by taking it outside to bake in the hot sunshine.

Between family time, your work schedule, and other activities that need to be done, this just isn’t practical for most of us.

Leave It to the Professionals!

If you’re serious about keeping your filthy roommates out of your home , it’s best to let the pros handle it. Amazon Cleaning can help you take care of cleaning your home. You can reach us by phone at (770) 906-4001, or visit for more information about our Atlanta maid service.

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Five Tips for Accomplishing Household Cleaning Projects

Are you an expert at putting off household projects or postponing daily chores? Do you secretly wish you could tap into greater motivation and just get the job done? If so, here are some simple tactics you might want to try:

1. Picture the task completed.

Motivate yourself to clean your kitchen, for instance, by recalling what it looks like clean. Recall how you felt in the past walking into a clean kitchen. Picture yourself relaxing once the job is complete. Use these images to motivate yourself to do a thorough job.

2. Plan to reward yourself.

What do you find rewarding? Is it more computer or TV time? Is it a chance to put your feet up with a fresh bowl of popcorn to enjoy? If you have a reward in mind, tell yourself you can only have it once you’ve finished the task you have in mind.

3. Set a timer.

Many household tasks take less time than imagined. A dishwasher, for instance, can be emptied in about five minutes. Many people spend more time stewing about a project than doing it. Set a timer allowing yourself a certain number of minutes for a task, or race against the clock to speed yourself up.

4. Start with simple steps.

Sometimes taking the first step toward a project gets it going. Cleaning usually starts with a de-cluttering session. A simple step might be to pick up a room’s clutter during a commercial break of your favorite TV show. There is usually one simple step you can take toward getting a task done that will ease you into the process.

5. Warm up for the task.

Sitting around like a couch potato isn’t a good way to motivate yourself to get housework done. Take a shower, dress for the task, stretch or do some aerobic activity to limber up and recharge your body for the tasks you need to complete.

It’s nothing new to feel bogged down by all the household projects and chores most homeowners face. Creating good routines like those outlined in these simple tips can help you get things done.

What Other Options Do You Have?

If your schedule does not allow you to get those household tasks completed, you can let the pros handle it. Amazon Cleaning can help you take care of cleaning your home. You can reach us by phone at (770) 906-4001, or visit for more information about our Atlanta house cleaning services.

Secure and Reliable Home Access

Amazon Cleaning has recently released a safe and secure access program available to all existing clients. In order to provide the highest level of service, the company requires secure and reliable access so that crews are able to focus on quality and not speed for each visit. What is unique about the company is that they have actually invested capital to save valued clients from having to do so. To date, a little over $10,000 has been invested in safe and secure home access solutions by Amazon Cleaning. The program continues to do very well and is an example of the level of commitment Amazon Cleaning continues to apply within the Atlanta Maid Service market. In fact a number of valued clients have received at cost, the free leased equipment.

In order to provide the best quality of service, crews do require the flexibility to focus on quality rather than speed. In addition, each client has the opportunity to add in additional services per request such as interior oven, interior fridge, interior windows, basement and/or guest bedrooms. The system that is practiced is a trade off, by allowing each client the flexibility to add/or remove various areas per visit, a higher level of service can be provided. However, the trade off is non-exact arrival times. With the exception of the first of the day visit at 8AM, non-exact arrival times are not able to be provided. The primary reason for this is the quality vs. speed principle. Either one can be achieved but not both. Amazon Cleaning continues to place bets on the quality aspect and invest in safe and secure access to help with the rest.

Additional benefits of Amazon Cleaning are the 24 hour service guarantee, the same 2 person team per visit along with no contracts required.