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5 Things You Can Purge From Your Closet And Never Miss

We recommend that you go through your closets annually and purge clothing, shoes and accessories that you do not wear or need. But sometimes deciding what you do not use or wear can be challenging. Many people are worried that they will purge something that they will miss or want back after they get rid of it. Here are five things you can purge from your closet and never miss: 

Items That Have Not Been Worn in 6 Months

One thing you can do is turn all of your hangers in your closet backwards before purging items. As you wear items, you can flip your hangers around to the right way. When it is time to purge your closet in 6 months, find everything that is still backwards. If you have not worn it in 6 months, chances are slim you will miss it if you purge it. 

Uncomfortable Shoes

Another item that you can purge from your closet and never miss are uncomfortable shoes. We all have one or two pairs of shoes in our closet that are not very comfortable. We often only pull them out if we absolutely have to. Invest in shoes that fit your feet. You will get more wear out of them and you can say good-bye to shoes that are uncomfortable, give you blisters and that you don’t actually like. 

Clothing With Holes, Rips or Stains

When you are purging your closet, take the time to examine your clothing, shoes and accessories. If you notice anything with holes, rips, stains or loose seams, get rid of it. Unless it is a high-end item that you absolutely love, it is not worth taking the time to repair your old clothing. And if it is ripped or stained, you will not wear it again, no matter how much you love it. Now is the perfect time to toss it. 

Accessories That Show Signs of Wear

As you go threw your closet, be sure to look at your accessories. This includes things like costume jewelry, hats, shoes and scarves. If you notice items that are worn, be sure to toss them. If your items look worn, faded and dirty, it is time to invest in some new accessories. 

Clothing That Does Not Fit

Lastly, if clothing does not fit, donate it. Many people hold on to items in case they gain weight back or lose weight in the future. Instead, donate or sell these clothes and replace them with clothing that fits well, feels good, and looks good! Do not cling to clothes that only make you feel insecure while they gather dust in the closet.

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