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5 Modern Facts That Make Cleaning Easier

Cleaning today is a chore, but the task is substantially easier now than it was in the past. Here are five modern facts that make cleaning easier today than in other points in history:

  1. Running Water: From doing the dishes to mopping the floors, water is an essential part of cleaning. Fortunately for us today, we have ample amounts of clean, running water for our cleaning needs – and an easy way to dispose of that water when it has been used. For centuries, however, running water was a rare commodity throughout most of the world. Those lucky enough to live near streams would need to travel to grab a bucket, or so, of fresh water. While early cities had wells and other primitive forms of water delivery, even the simple task of cleaning your dishes entailed obtaining clean water and then disposing of any water that was dirty.
  2. Weather Control: Cleaning when it is very cold or hot outside can be tough. Fortunately, when you clean your home, you are likely turning on your cooling or heating systems, to help make the temperature comfortable. But for centuries, people had to be content with cleaning in all kinds of temperatures. Whether it was the middle of winter, or the height of summer, cleaning was still a necessity and it was probably extremely uncomfortable.
  3. Finding Help: In the old days, cleaning help was only available for the rich and titled, as maids and servants were difficult and expensive to maintain and would often be employed long term. Most middle and lower-class individuals had to rely on themselves- or their wives- for cleaning, cooking and other household tasks. Today, you do not need to possess a great deal of wealth or a patent of nobility to find an affordable maid service- all you need to do is search the internet while adding your city into the search. For instance, you can search “home cleaning services Atlanta” or “Atlanta house cleaning” to find a variety of agencies in your area and compare prices.
  4. Cleaning Products: For a long time, cleaning products were strange- and stinky. For instance, the ancient Romans used urine as a laundry detergent. While they were correct in the idea that urine is sterile and that ammonia is a decent cleaning product, their clothes definitely did not smell great after they were cleaned. While soap was generally accessible by the 19th century, it was still considered a luxury to be used sparingly as an additive to things like ash lye. Scrubbing surfaces required scouring soap which in the 18th century was made from powdered quartz. Later, vinegar and baking soda joined the ranks of cleaning staples. Fortunately, today we have a variety of specialized cleaning products for laundry, floor washing and dish washing that smell great and are typically very effective.
  5. Tool Variety: While rags, cloths and basic sponges were the cleaning staples of the past, we are blessed with vacuum cleaners, Swiffer’s and a variety of scrub brushes. Modern cleaning products are both affordable and disposable, making them easier to replace when they are worn.

While cleaning is still a necessary yet somewhat undesirable task, the inventions and conveniences of modern innovation have made this job a whole lot easier.

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