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Bye Bye Dust Bunnies: 5 Easy Ways to Stop Dust Build Up

Dust in your home is unattractive and aggravates allergies and respiratory issues. Removing dust isn’t difficult but it is time-consuming without the help of an Atlanta maid service. Instead of wasting your time rubbing and wiping the dust away, use these simple methods to stop dust build up before it even starts.

Keep Shoes Outside

You may not realize it, but you are directly responsible for the majority of the dust build up in your home. Shoes gather up dust as you walk around outside. Even if you wipe them on a mat before entering, your shoes are still covered in a fine layer of dirt. Have family members and visitors leave their shoes at the front door or in the foyer before entering to cut down on the dust that is tracked through your home. Provide visitors with house slippers or reusable slipper socks if they are uncomfortable with being barefoot.

Clean the Air As It Comes In

Change the filters in air conditioners, HVAC systems, and furnaces frequently to ensure they are able to hold back the maximum amount of airborne particles. You should also change the filters on your bagless vacuum and indoor air filtration systems one a month. If your HVAC system is installed outside, have it professionally cleaned at least twice a year to stop dust build up.

Take Care of Upholstered Items

Your couches, easy chairs, and mattresses are hotbeds of airborne irritants. Skin flakes, mites, pet dander, and mold loves to hide between the fibers. When you use that piece of furniture, your body weight releases them into the air. Use baking soda and a vacuum cleaner to sanitize your large upholstered items once every month. Place throw pillows and bed coverings in a hot dryer to shake them free of microorganisms and dust particles.

Skip the Feather Duster

Those cute little feather dusters are doing more harm than good. While your surfaces look clean after use, all the dust has actually just gone airborne. Instead, use a dust mop or damp cloth to trap dust particles and keep them from reentering your air. Hose-style vacuums with attachments are ideal for cleaning walls.

Clear Your Closets

When was the last time you cleaned your closets? Even though we don’t spend much time in them, closets harbor a lot of airborne clothing fibers that can quickly clog up your indoor air. Place out-of-season clothes in resealable plastic bags to keep them from contributing to dust layers. Store shoes in plastic bags or boxes.

Use these tips to cut down on your cleaning time and enjoy cleaner indoor air quality every day, leaving the major cleaning work to a professional Atlanta house cleaning service like Amazon Cleaning!

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