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10 Ways to Organize Your Laundry Space

Laundry rooms are usually small spaces that can easily get cluttered rapidly especially if you have a larger family. Keeping this room organized is a good way to make laundry time an efficient and easy task instead of a chore. Follow some of these tips to help keep this often overlooked room clean and tidy.

• Using a drying rack hung from the ceiling is an excellent and creative way to use dead space. It is perfect for drying delicates and hand washed items while remaining inconspicuously out of the way.

• Empty corners are ideal to add some shelving. Since these rooms are so small any space that is vacant should be utilized. The shelving can hold detergents and other supplies.

• If your laundry room does not have a door, you might consider using a curtain rod and curtains to separate it from your living space. This will keep your washer and dryer hidden from view.

• If you have the space to add a folding table, it can be useful for a larger family. An option would be to use counter top material. Also, adding the function of folding up makes this addition more useful.

• Use furniture from around the house to add storage space. An extra book shelf that fits in the laundry room is an idea that might work. Since it is a seldom seen room don’t worry that it may not seem like a wise decorative decision.

• Back of the doors in your laundry room are a spot that is often overlooked. Storage solutions that were made for closets are a great option. Over-the-door shoe storage for small supplies or simple hooks mounted would provide some extra space to hang hangers for drying hand-washed items or small bottles and cleaning supplies.

• Existing cabinets can be upgraded with pull out baskets. There are a multitude of options for this. Since these cabinets are often not utilized well, the addition of baskets will make them much more useful.

• Hanging wire racks on walls are a good option for storage. This can be useful for dryer sheets and stray articles of clothing. Hooks are useful for drying lingerie and delicates.

•  After you have your shelving installed, use baskets and jars to further organize. In addition to storage, decorative items such as framed photos can accentuate the style of the baskets and containers.

• Some models of washers and dryers have options to add a pedestal drawer. This is not available on all models, but if you have them they will come in handy for adding extra storage. in addition to more storage, the drawer also elevates the washer and dryer so it is easy to access.

Following some of these tips will get your laundry room organized and manageable. Keeping the laundry room clean after you implement these tips will be much easier as you do not have to navigate messy piles of clothes. Using an Atlanta house cleaning service is an excellent maintenance step that will keep all the rooms in your home clean and clutter free. Call to schedule an appointment with Amazon cleaning, and you are sure to be pleased with the results.

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